1More Comfobuds Pro Review: Best Affordable Earphones

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1More Comfobuds Pro Review: Best Affordable Earphones

The product range of the Chinese-American manufacturer 1MORE consists of in-ear systems, gaming headphones, and various true wireless headphones. The last category includes our test candidates – the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro. These are likely to be of interest to potential buyers, especially in terms of the low price. Due to the built-in features, many interested people would probably locate the earbuds in a much higher price segment. The Pro version of the series has ANC, six microphones, and a quick charge function. Just under 100 euros leave the wallet after purchase. We checked the functions of the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro TWS Earphones and subjected them to a detailed sound review.
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1MORE ComfoBuds Pro adopts a boxed design with a white background. The headset product icon is printed on the cover for easy identification when purchasing. Open the box to see the headset charging box, and the headset body has been placed inside the charging box. The boxed accessories include USB Type-C to A charging cable, antibacterial earplug set, 1MORE carry bag, 1MORE sticker, instruction manual, and warranty card; among them, the antibacterial earplug set has sizes of L, M, S, XS, and the earphones leave the factory. M size earplugs have been installed first.
Charging Box
1MORE ComfoBuds Pro charging box is very light in appearance and does not take up much space to carry around. With the anti-slip pad design at the bottom, it can also avoid accidental sliding from the desktop and bedside table. The charging box shell is a simple and clean “white” design, Which echoes the characteristics of ComfoBuds Z for sleep, looks very refreshing and simple. In the battery life part, with a 410mAh battery charging box, it can provide up to 14 hours of music experience, and the performance is not excellent. In addition, the Taiwanese version has only a single white style.
1MORE ComfoBuds Pro comfort bean noise reduction version has two color matching designs, namely: titanium black and mica white. This earphone charging box uses a matte material, which is very resistant to dirt and convenient for daily cleaning. Generally speaking, the appearance design of 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro adopts a mature and stable design style, which can be more favored by business elites.
The weight of 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro single earphones is 5.2g, and it is very comfortable to wear without any discomfort. And the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro true wireless headset adopts an ergonomic in-ear design. This design also brings two benefits to daily use. One is that users can experience better wearing comfort; the other is that the headset can Better seal and fitting the ear canal to obtain better physical noise insulation performance.
Three-Microphone Call Noise Reduction
The dual-microphone noise reduction technology has been applied to 1MORE headsets for a long time. Compounds Pro has replaced it with a more advanced three-microphone call noise reduction technology, combined with more precise algorithms, and can clearly pick up human voices in complex and changeable noisy environments. , The user can even lower the volume of speech, so that the other party can hear clearly.
Smart experience
Topped with the professional name “Pro”, Comfobuds Pro has a number of high-end features, including smart in-ear detection, earphones, and infrared sensors to automatically control music playback, which is very convenient to play when you wear it and stop when you remove it. In-box pairing function. After the first pairing is completed, each time you open the charging box cover, it will automatically pair with the phone. The dual-channel transmission technology of the headset allows you to take out the unilateral headset to talk, and take out the two headsets to enjoy the stereo sound. The headset simplifies the operation. There are no buttons on the body. It depends on tapping the headset panel to answer calls and play/stop the music. In order to avoid accidental touches, the user needs to tap twice to operate the headset, which is very intimate.

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Ultra-Dynamic Large Unit
ComfoBuds Pro uses a 13.4mm super dynamic unit that is rarely used in truly wireless headphones. It uses a three-layer composite diaphragm of TPU, aluminum-magnesium alloy and titanium, and is equipped with an FPC centering bracket to reduce nonlinear distortion. The strong driving force of the four-layer voice coil of Japan’s Dahei fully displays the flexibility and fullness of the TPU low frequency, the flexible vocal sound of aluminum-magnesium alloy, and the delicate and loud high frequency of titanium.
In terms of battery life, the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro noise reduction version can play continuously for 6 hours when the noise reduction is turned on, and the single earphone is fully charged. If it is used with the charging box, it can get 20 hours of comprehensive battery life; when the noise reduction mode is turned off, the single earphone The longest battery life is 8 hours, and the overall battery life can reach 28 hours. In addition, this headset also supports fast charging technology, charging for 15 minutes can get 2 hours of battery life.
1MORE ComfoBuds Z is a truly wireless headset with fairly clear functional positioning. The main features of physical noise reduction, sleep melody, and other functions are indeed quite practical for users who cannot sleep due to noise interference during sleep; but if it does not improve sleep In terms of quality requirements, only from the earphone sound effects and functions, this price band can have other better options. In addition, although the earplugs have an antibacterial effect, unfortunately, the charging case does not have ultraviolet disinfection. It would be perfect if it had this function!
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Where To Buy
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1More Comfobuds Pro Review: Best Affordable Earphones

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