1MORE Omthing AirFree Earbuds For Just $28.00 [Lowest Price]

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1MORE Omthing AirFree Earbuds For Just $28.00 [Lowest Price]

1MORE Omthing AirFree TWS Bluetooth 5.0 earphones offer a very impressive experience in bass sound performance with 7mm dynamic drivers. There are high-sensitivity microphones that effectively block background noise with ENC technology. In this way, you can make clear and crystal-clear phone calls by reducing ambient or background noise. Thanks to its IPX4 certification, it is resistant to small water droplets and sweat while on the move. Thanks to its eye-catching appearance and ergonomic design, it fits comfortably in your ears and does not come off while you are on the move. It matches the curve of your ear canals in a secure fit, allowing you to listen to music comfortably.
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Xiaomi 1More omthing AirFree EO002 also has a special headset design with a fairly compact and portable charging dock. Specifically, the single headset weight is only 4g and when it comes with the charging dock, it weighs only 43g. Therefore, users can easily pocket and carry the headset next to use anytime, anywhere. While the body has a round shape. The ratio stood at 1.7 x 1.5 g . M. On the shaft will be installed a conductor for charging. And the control system works by touch. In fact, the 1More Omthing True Wireless In-ear Headphones are perfect for training, not only because of their comfortable and adaptable design but also because of their IPX4 water resistance. In this way, neither sweat nor raindrops will damage the device.
Omthing AirFree Pods is the chipset, the newest Qualcomm’s QCC3020 which is designed for high performance in four key property is used continuously for longer, the connection of a Bluetooth with stability much. More, support for high-performance audio like aptX and low power consumption.
4 ENC Microphones for Clear Calls
Another advantage of 1More Omthing Airfree EO002 is that each EO002 earphone has two microphones and ENC noise-canceling technology, so you will now experience the clearest sound on calls. It allows you to enjoy clear and sharp phone calls by reducing the ambient or background noise. You will have the best sound quality.
You will see that with the Bluetooth 5.0 microchip you will get a more stable wireless connection, faster transmission speeds, and greater compatibility with your devices, which will provide you with high-quality audio and a clearer call experience at an effective distance of 10 meters.
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The battery that is housed in each of the headphones is 40mAh, thus offering between 4 or 5 hours of sound reproduction. The charging and storage box offers 550mAh that with this battery will cover up to 20 hours of autonomy. The charging of the box is done by USB Type C at 5V 1A. There is a high-precision LP5306 micro-source over-voltage and over-current protection chip on the motherboard, and the front over-charge protection of the battery charger is built-in to protect the circuit and battery safety; The second protection circuit is Yutai Semiconductor ETA9697 low-power dual-channel PMU: it integrates an independent 16V supported voltage linear charger and a 5V synchronous step-up converter to charge and discharge the battery.
The Omthing EO002 Airfree headphones are a very good proposal for cheap Bluetooth headphones, thus being one of the thousands of proposals that we can buy for this price range.
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Where To Buy
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1MORE Omthing AirFree Earbuds For Just $28.00 [Lowest Price]

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