ALLDOCUBE Smile X Android tablet launched at just $149.99

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ALLDOCUBE Smile X Android tablet launched at just $149.99

ALLDOCUBE has released the 10.1-inch Android tablet “Smile X”. Wintab previously introduced an 8-inch tablet called ” Smile 1 “, but Smile seems to be positioned as “an entry-class tablet that is not so low-performance and can be used casually.”
ALLDOCUBE Smile X Android Tablet available here to purchase at just $149.99 (Introductory Offer)XiaomiToday Best Deals

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Features of ALLDOCUBE Smile X:Display: ALLDOCUBE Smile X Camera: Lightweight:Compared with Teclast M40 Pro:ALLDOCUBE Smile X Price:
Features of ALLDOCUBE Smile X:
The OS is Android 11, and the CPU is UNISOC T610. The model number T610 has a lower performance than the T618, which is being adopted in recent Chinese tabs, but it can mark about 200,000 points for Antutu Ver.9, except for games with a high load. I think you can do all the things without any problems. Sufficient for 2D shooters, puzzle games, news apps, SNS, and video viewing. 
RAM is 4GB, and storage is 64GB, which is also an “entry-class” capacity as of 2022, but as mentioned above, it can not be said that it is a product with heavy gameplay in mind, and it is a smartphone. Unlike the camera performance is low (so the image and video data do not increase so much), I wonder if it is OK if the capacity is not so large. However, since the CPU performance is so high, I wonder if I wanted 6GB of RAM.

The display of ALLDOCUBE Smile X is 10.1 inch IPS liquid crystal, WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200). It’s a little derailed. I can expect various uses for low-priced tablets like this product, so I think it’s OK to have about one. 
ALLDOCUBE Smile X Camera:
The camera is minimal. Since it is in 2MP and out 5MP, it is unlikely to be used for commemorative photos, and I think it will be limited to applications such as web meetings and memos. However, I don’t think many people buy Android tablets in anticipation of camera performance, so this should be OK.

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 The essential “weight” has not yet been disclosed on the manufacturer’s site regarding the size. The Banggood product page says “528 g”, but I’m not sure this is correct. The “iPlay 40 series”, which is also popular worldwide, is 10.4 inches in size and weighs less than 500 g, so I would like ALLDOCUBE Smile X to weigh less than 500 g.
In terms of vertical, horizontal, and thickness, let’s compare it with the Teclast M40 Pro, which has the same 10.1-inch size and has a UNISOC T618 CPU.
Smile X: 242 x 168 x 9.3 mm / weight undisclosed
 M40 Pro: 242 x 163 x 9 mm / 555 g.
As you can see, the width is the same for both, the depth (short side) is about 5 mm larger for Smile X, and the thickness is slightly larger. Let’s check the housing image based on this value.

Compared with Teclast M40 Pro:

The image above was taken on the ALLDOCUBE Smile X product page, and the image below was taken during a real machine review of the Teclast M40 Pro. When I compared the sizes of both, I can see that the product image of Smile X is “not as big as Teclast, but it is a little heaped (the image is processed so that the bezel looks thin)”. The bezel width should be a little wider.

According to the manufacturer’s explanation, the back material is metal, and the design is relatively orthodox. Still, it is a little characteristic that the camera position is in the center of the upper part.
The speakers are dual. The higher model Iplay 40 series uses 4 speakers, which is simplified.

ALLDOCUBE Smile X Price:
ALLDOCUBE Smile X is on sale at the Chinese online shopping site “Banggood” and the ALLDOCUBE Official Store on AliExpress. January 27 is $149.99 on Banggood and $147.99 on AliExpress. It is the price using the $ 2 OFF coupon.
The Teclast M40 Pro mentioned in the article is sold for $150. The high-end model ALLDOCUBE iPlay 40 series is on sale for around $170, so this product is inferior in terms of CPU performance and RAM/storage capacity. I think it’s a little subtle if it’s just under $ 150. I think it would be a good idea if the price goes down further on sale. 
ALLDOCUBE Smile X Android Tablet available here to purchase at just $149.99 (Introductory Offer) (Banggood)XiaomiToday Best Deals

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ALLDOCUBE Smile X Android tablet launched at just $149.99

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