Andaseat Kaiser 3 Epic Gaming Chair has Comfy Magnetic Pillow

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Andaseat Kaiser 3 Epic Gaming Chair has Comfy Magnetic Pillow

The Andaseat Kaiser 3 gaming chair with 4-way built-in lumbar support, a magnetic pillow, and tabletop is underway in its production stage. This latest best gaming chair has the best comfort because of its ergonomic design and adjustable mechanism. There is a magnetic memory foam neck pillow that is unique. Also, it ensures supporting the spine’s natural curvature. There are also adaptive MagSwap 4D armrests that attach and slide using magnets. Plus, there is a recliner with a built-in table/smartphone holder for gamers. Another unique feature is the MagClap design for assembly.

Andaseat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chair: Revolutionary Comfort and Durability
The Andaseat team offers a 6-year extended warranty for this best gaming chair because of its durable TitanSteel structure with no bent cuts. Also, there is a 2mm thick steel frame for a longer life span. The Andaseat Kaiser 3 gaming chair uses premium DuraXtra and PVC leather materials for better sitting comfort and scratch resistance. Plus, there is a range of different colors available for the EverSoft linen fabric. The sturdy aluminum base with king-size PU wheels eliminates squeaking or creaking. Therefore, you can work or game for long hours without fatigue or deforming the seat.

4-Way Adaptive Lumbar Support, Extendable Magnetic Tabletop, and MagClap Assembly
Most of the magnetic features of this best gaming chair focus on easy adjustments and complete comfort. Thus, the user can use an optional magnetic tabletop/smartphone holder attachment or MagSwap armrests. The Andaseat Kaiser 3 has a 4-way adaptive lumbar support adjustment with MagClap assembly for quick and easy usage. Hence, it helps to improve posture when working or gaming for long hours. A multi-functional mechanism allows for tilt and seat height settings. You can recline this ultimate gaming chair from 90 to 160 degrees using an angle lock for different positions. Plus, the seating is spacious and can hold up to 180kg weight.

Price and Availability
The Andaseat Kaiser 3 gaming chair is available in large and extra-large sizes, with an exclusive discount price of 379 USD. However, the initial value of this incredible best gaming chair is 698 USD. There is also a Gamer Bundle that includes a magnetic tabletop and extended gaming mouse pad for only 459 USD discounted sale price.
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Andaseat Kaiser 3 Epic Gaming Chair has Comfy Magnetic Pillow

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