Apple Watch Series 7 working on enhancing battery life rather than adding sensors

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Apple Watch Series 7 working on enhancing battery life rather than adding sensors

June 29, 2021, Mig Chi Kuo, an analyst who has been following Apple’s product industry chain for a long time, said that Apple’s focus on this year’s Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch is not to add new health sensors, but to improve battery life.
Design of Apple Watch Series 7:
According to Guo Mingchi, the Series 7 that is expected to be launched in September. It may be the first major design revision of the Apple Watch in many years. The curved case that has been used for many years will be replaced by a right-angle design similar to the iPhone 12. It is said that Apple has also adopted a new Double-sided system-in-package technology (SiP). To further the processor and internal motherboard size, similar technology has appeared on AirPods Pro.
Some media previously pointed out that the smaller “S7” chip will make room for a larger capacity battery or additional health sensors. However, according to many sources, Apple’s new sensor technology has been delayed until 2022. The focus this year is to increase the battery.

Previously, according to Bloomberg News, Apple was studying a non-invasive optical sensor to bring blood glucose monitoring to Apple Watch (that is, without piercing the finger). But it is not ready for commercial mass production in the next few years. Apple is also considering adding a body temperature sensor to the Apple Watch in 2021. But this may not appear until 2022.
The redesign will make the size of the Apple Watch slightly thicker. Although users will not notice, this leave enough space to increase the internal battery capacity.

Why battery power is increased?
Currently, the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 uses a 1.17Wh battery, which is 3.5% larger than the Series 5 battery. While the 40mm Apple Watch Series 6 includes a 1.024Wh battery. It is 8.5% larger than the Series 5 battery. At the same time, the 6th generation watch has increased the charging speed. It added a blood oxygen sensor, but in fact, the battery life is almost the same as the previous generations. Battery life is “18 hours” (actually longer than this time).
At the same time, this also helps Apple Watch compete with other products. Smartwatches tend to use their battery life as an important feature, such as Fitbit Versa 3, which can be used for more than six days on a single charge.
Wireless Connectivity Improvement:
In addition to potential battery improvements, Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to improve wireless connectivity, improve U1 ultra-wide band chip, narrower display frame, and use new lamination technology to make the screen feel better.

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Apple Watch Series 7 working on enhancing battery life rather than adding sensors

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