AQARA Cube T1 Pro and E1 Smart Wall Switch launched

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AQARA Cube T1 Pro and E1 Smart Wall Switch launched

May 11, 2021, Xiaomi is now up with another product under its hood. Under its ecological chain company, Lumi Technology and Aqara sub-brand company come with the new Aqara Cube T1 Pro. Also, we get the new smart wall switches AQARA E1 Smart wall Switch.
Features of AWARA Cube T1 Pro:
As hardware itself, the whole thing is not a new invention, this is a cube that can execute scenes. So you can cover the sides of the cube with scenes that you can define, shaking is also supported. Nanoleaf also has something like this on offer. I personally always found nonsense but should find his fans.
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Not surprisingly, the Aqara Cube T1 Pro works with Zigbee 3.0, the biggest innovation is that it can later be used as a switch for scenes in HomeKit. The product comes with several upgrades over the predecessor. Using the smartphone now you can also manage the lights of your place. Also, from the cube, you can switch off and turn on the light. You just need to push the cube to turn on the light and rotate it to settle the brightness of the lights.

Similar to the dice it has the markings to adjust the lightning. The gyroscope technology helps the AQARA Cube T1 Pro to know which side is up.
AQARA E1 Smart wall Switch:
Along with the cube, the company comes with a new set of smart switches. The switches are both wireless and wired. The wired switches offer neutral and non-neutral options. Whereas, the wireless ones offer the single and double rocket option.

The new AQARA e1 Smart Wall Switch is compatible with Xiaomi’s Mi Home app and Apple Home kit. You can use it with the XiaoAI and SIRI voice assistance. The installation of the switches is very easy thus do not require any other wiring.

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AQARA Cube T1 Pro and E1 Smart Wall Switch launched

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