Atomstack X20 Pro launched; World’s first engraver with 20W super laser beam

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Atomstack X20 Pro launched; World’s first engraver with 20W super laser beam

On June 1, 2022, after Ortur had been on the rest for the last two years, Atomstack took responsibility for bringing the latest tech to the customers. With its new product, Atomstack X20 Pro, the company gets the most powerful diode laser of 2022. The company claims that the new device will come with a Quad-core laser module. This module contains four 6W laser beams coupled with a single 20W super laser beam. Since 2021, we have been using the 10W laser beams; now, the 20W laser beam will be the stronger laser beam making the Atomstack X20 Pro the most valuable device of 2022. So, the product is the first to bring this feature globally.
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Features of Atomstack X20 Pro:
Features of Atomstack X20 Pro:
Atomstack launched the X7 Pro laser engraver last year. The product was launched with the 10W laser beam, the highest in the market. After a year of working, the company brings a significant upgrade to the laser engravers in the market.
After the hard work, the company claims that the new Atomstack X20 Pro comes with the 130W machine power. Along with this, the important laser power output of the engraver is 20W.

Also, the company claims the new engraver can easily cut 8mm of acrylic in one pass, 12mm of solid wood in one pass, and even 0.5mm of thin metal paper.
The new machine comes with a built-in air assist system. This system dramatically enhances the experience of using it. Also, it makes the cutting surface clean, reducing the burn marks. So, if you are looking to buy the product, you will not have to spend additional money on the air assist.

In the working area, it is increased to 450 X 450mm. The best part is the Atomstack X20 Pro supports offline working. So now you can copy the files while you are offline to a TF card. To easily control the engraver machine, customers can install the Atomstack app.

Atomstack X20 Pro laser engraver cutting machine now available for just $1099
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Atomstack X20 Pro launched; World’s first engraver with 20W super laser beam

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