Baseus S2 TWS Earphones For Just $59.49 [Lowest Price]

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Baseus S2 TWS Earphones For Just $59.49 [Lowest Price]

The Baseus S2 TWS Earphones with noise-canceling capability can provide you with very good quality for listening to music and provide you with this possibility well. Of course, in addition to the ability to remove noise, you also have other features that all together provide you with a complete package of different features. The ANC feature is just one of the technologies used in this handsfree that we mentioned! The Bezos handsfree has several other features, each of which we will discuss separately.
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This Baseus S2 has a shape and design that makes it look dual, in other words, it can be considered a bit similar to Apple AirPad Pro earphones, which have also been changed and some differences have been made in them. The body of this handsfree is made of ABS plastic and PC. The earphones themselves have a 10 mm drive diameter that will make them sound better and deliver the sound to your ears well. The apertures of this handsfree are also made of PU, which makes the sound better. Another important issue that can be raised from this handsfree is the lightweight of each earphone, which allows you to spend a lot of time listening to music with it and not get tired. In total, taking into account the weight of the earphones and the charging case, the handsfree will weigh 55 grams. Handsfree S2 is resistant to moisture and water. The dimensions of the charging case are equal to 47 × 24 × 65 mm and the dimensions of the earphone are equal to 33 × 21 mm. Inserting and removing earphones has also been considered! By inserting them in the ear, the music will be played automatically and by removing them, the music will be cut off automatically.
ANC Technology
The ANC technology in this Baseus S2 consists of a dual microphone that is sensitive to noise, as well as a hybrid noise-canceling mode, which separates the blocks well and blocks them and prevents them from reaching your ears. be. This will help you to focus all your attention on what you are hearing and not hear any noise around you. For example, in the subway and bus, this feature can be used well and avoid annoying noises around. Of course, these microphones were dual, so you can also use the ENC feature, and you can hear your audience’s voice well during the conversation, and also convey your voice well to him. Microphones in ENC mode help your voice reach the audience separately from the surrounding noise, and no noise other than your own, or these extra sounds will be minimized. Microphone components and their state are in a three-dimensional and three-part form to best meet the needs of the user and have improved performance. Bezos has used sensitive MEMS microphones to get better results.
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Touch Panels for Easier Control and Operation
The various functions you have with these panels are to hang up and connect, play and mute music, reject calls, and activate voice assistants. To play or pause music, you need to double-tap on the touch panel. This can be done for both the phone on the left and the phone on the right. You can do the same for disconnecting and reconnecting. You can enable ANC mode by holding your finger on the touch panels, and also disable it by doing so again. Taping 3 times can also enable voice assistant for you. By tapping the phone once on the left, you can leave the song to the previous track, and by tapping the right panel once, you can play the song to the next track.

You must use Bluetooth to connect to this Baseus S2. The Bluetooth version used in this handsfree is version 5.0, which helps you to have a much better and improved connection. If the device with which you connect to the handsfree also has Bluetooth version 5.0, you will also enjoy various benefits, some of which we will mention. One of the advantages of using Bluetooth 5.0 is the relatively low battery consumption, which is a good advantage compared to lower versions of Bluetooth, and for those who care about this issue, it is a significant point (note that this case Occurs if the Bluetooth version of the device used is also from version 5.0. Another thing is the higher speed of pairing or connecting to the device you want. This means that if two devices have version 5.0, this connection will be faster. This version of Bluetooth also has a higher transfer rate, which greatly reduces the data transfer delay for you.
The Baseus S2 has a 480 mAh battery, and each earphone has a 45 mAh battery. The charging rate for the handsfree is 6 hours when the ANC is active and up to 7 hours when it is inactive. Charging is measured by laboratory conditions, so these numbers may vary depending on the handset you are using. There will be a total of 24 hours of charging for you. To charge these hands-free, you have to put them in the charging dock and then charge them. Charging earphones takes about 1.5 hours. Of course, the charging case also supports wireless charging, in which case the battery will take about 2 hours to charge.
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Where To Buy
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Buy Baseus S2 TWS Earphones at $59.49 on Aliexpress

Baseus S2 TWS Earphones For Just $59.49 [Lowest Price]

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