Black Shark 5 is about to debut with the Snapdragon 8

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Black Shark 5 is about to debut with the Snapdragon 8

January 29, 2022, Luo Yuzhou, CEO of Black Shark Technology, released a short video on Weibo, which reviewed the development of Black Shark. Luo Yuzhou introduced that Black Shark is the pioneer of gaming mobile phones. Black Shark has more than 2 million loyal users around the world. The market share of gaming mobile phones has always been the first, and mobile game peripherals are even more dominant. Luo Yuzhou emphasized that Black Shark and players will work together to build a new game ecosystem belonging to Black Shark. In the future, Black Shark will make every effort to grow into a world-class brand most loved by young people, allowing players worldwide to enjoy the ultimate fun of the game. It is reported that Black Shark is about to release a new generation of gaming phones, Black Shark 5.
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The official poster shows that it is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, which brings “peak performance”.

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Features of Black Shark 5:
Features of Black Shark 5:
This chip is built with Samsung’s 4nm process and consists of a super-large core + a large core + a small core. The super-large core is Cortex X2, the CPU frequency reaches 3.0GHz, and the total score of AnTuTu has exceeded 1 million points. Powerful flagship processor.

In addition, the Black Shark 5 series is expected to be equipped with “SSD-level storage”. This technology has been applied to the Black Shark 4S Pro, which Luo Yuzhou called “creating a precedent for the Android camp”.

It is reported that Black Shark introduced a custom NVME solid-state drive SSD on the Black Shark 4S Pro and took the lead in introducing a disk array solution in the industry, bringing the PC-side SSD to the mobile phone. The storage and reading performance has been greatly improved. Storage speed ushered in a revolutionary increase.
Not surprisingly, the Black Shark 5 series will inherit this feature, and the performance is expected.

Black Shark 4 Pro now available here at just $699.99

Black Shark 5 is about to debut with the Snapdragon 8

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