Blackview BV6600 with 8580 mAh battery now for just $149.99

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Blackview BV6600 with 8580 mAh battery now for just $149.99

A new rugged smartphone was unveiled by Blackview recently, which is now on sale officially. On 1st March 2021, Blackview BV6600 is finally available to purchase for the public. The smartphone comes with an 8580mAh battery, and the price is set at $129.99 after the discount of 25%. This is a short-term discount from the company for the customers.
Features of Blackview BV6600:
Apart from other rugged smartphones, the BV6000 comes with a great battery. This 8580mAh battery will give you 792 hours of standby and can allow you to use it for about 430 hours of 4G/WiFi time. The dual electric core technology will enable the safer use of a smartphone. The device is pretty good when we compare it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max in terms of battery. To know the device more, you can check the unboxing video below.

We can state the smartphone much better than other normal devices. The reason behind this is, it can resist the water, drop from a height, and shock. The design and the technique of the Blackview BV6600 make it eligible to offer durability. To make it more rugged than other smartphones, the rubber part is attached to a metal frame with screws.
The best part of the smartphone is, it will make you tension-free in terms of battery. Other than this, the smartphone also allows the user reverse charging.

As the new Blackview BV6600 is waterproof, it will allow the user to capture underwater images. It comes with underwater mode; it will help the user to use the hardware keys to capture images.

If you are one who would like to have hands-on this device, then you must order one now. The price of the Blackview BV6600 is only $129.99, and this offer is available till 14th March. To order yours now, click here to visit the official website.
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Blackview BV6600 with 8580 mAh battery now for just $149.99

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