BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Muscle massager now available for $47.99

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BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Muscle massager now available for $47.99

On March 18th 2021, the news from the market is we are heading towards a new launch of Muscle massager. Viewing the different massagers on various online platforms, finally, I stopped at a cheaper and high-end product from BlitzWolf. Blitzwolf BW-FAS1 Muscle massager is the new product from the company.
Features of BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Muscle Massager:
The BW-FAS1 is a massage device measuring 45 x 97 x 156mm and weighing 515 grams, which uses microwaves, through its powerful motor to relax or massage your muscles.

In the package, you will find four different heads, which are useful for different muscle groups, while four are the speeds of the motor, which ends at 2600 rpm.
The first two steps are for relaxation and muscle activation, while the other two are a little more hardcore, and work your muscles in-depth, to soothe you from pain.

The built-in 2000mAh battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge, and offers up to 7 hours of low-speed operation, while the welcome feature is that the noise does not exceed 47dB, so you will not need to exchange muscle relaxation, with that of your ears.

 At Banggood you will find the Muscle Massager at € 47.5, with shipments starting on April 23rd.
As always, you remove the extra insurance if you pay with Paypal, and GREAT attention is given to choosing Priority Direct Mail as the shipping method, because the Air Parcel Register has returned, but also brings with it a gift from customs.
Coupon: BGBWFAS1
BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Muscle Massager for just $47.99XiaomiToday Best Deals
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BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Muscle massager now available for $47.99

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