Buy the Artillery GENIUS 3D printer for $299

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Buy the Artillery GENIUS 3D printer for $299

Artillery GENIUS 3D printer is a rigid metal frame FDM printer with a reliable drive and modern design of construction, mechanics and electronics. Quietness is undoubtedly an advantage for any FFF 3D printer (even better, any machine). According to Artillery, their previous printer, the Sidewinder X1, was already quieter than most closed-circuit 3D printers. This Artillery Genius will amaze you with the quality and quietness of its work.

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The 3D printer Features: – With TFT color touch screen – Supports USB / TF offline printing – Auto resume after accidental power outage – Low operating noise – Power supply: EU 220V plug – Titanium extruder – Volcanic nozzle – Maximum print speed: 150mm / from

Patented Z-Axis Brace
When it comes to FFF prints, Z-banding is always a problem. Artillery GENIUS 3D printer seems to have taken further steps to improve the accuracy of its latest model and invented a patented nut engagement system. According to the manufacturer, this should solve minor layering problems faced by the company’s predecessor, the Artillery Sidewinder X1. After testing the Genius, we can say that we are not happy with the Z-alignment. Results can be comparatively better than previous models.
Improved pulley system
Some users have printed DIY Z-tensioners for Sidewinder X1. We expected Artillery to accommodate all the community feedback and concerns when developing the Artillery GENIUS 3D printer by improving the Z-axis belt pulley system, which should result in more stable printing. However, after testing Genius, we are unable to confirm Artillery’s claims. The belt pulley system had a loose belt and additional tensioners are still needed.

Fast heating table
Whereas the Sidewinder X1, equipped with the 4th iteration of Ultrabase instead of the previously used glass layer, already heated up to 80 ° C in just two minutes. Now, however, Artillery has gone even further, and the Artillery GENIUS 3D printer bed equipped with Ultrabase is now capable of heating up to 100 ° C in about the same amount of time.
Direct Drive Extruder
The direct drive system is said to be indispensable for handling a wide variety of materials. In some cases, the direct drive extrusion system can outperform the Bowden mechanism, especially if you are working with flexible or complex filaments such as TPU.

Automatic table leveling

Here the manufacturer used an original solution: in the basic configuration, with the Artillery GENIUS 3D printer manual calibration is possible, but the design provides for the upgrade and installation of the BL-Touch automatic calibration module or an induction sensor.
Get the 3D printer for $299.00 from GearbestXiaomiToday Best Deals

Buy the Artillery GENIUS 3D printer for $299

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