Buy the GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler from $599.00

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Buy the GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler from $599.00

Behold the GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler, a 45L cooler with 2 different zones for refrigeration. There is more than 10 hours of refrigeration to keep food and drink chilled with no ice required.
It’s time to bid soggy sandwiches and melted ice goodbye. Thanks to GoSun Chillest, the real deal for outdoor cooling. Using the power of the sun to cool your drinks and food.

Solar cooler Get the GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler from $599
The built-in battery for the 45 liter cooler guarantee you have a great time for any outdoor event and in any terrain. There’s also a built-in compressor for you to set the temperature to you choice, which ranges from -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 20°C).
The space inside the cooler will be yours 100% since there’s no ice. The room for food and drink is nearly double on GoSun Chillest when compared to other coolers of same size.

GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler doesn’t only chill your food and drinks, it keeps them frozen for hours without any ice being used.
Double Compartment 

The two cooling zones mean you have a cooler and ice chest in one place. You can set the temperature for each side anyplace from – 4°F to 68°F (- 20°C to 20°C) utilizing the included App and contact catches. You’ll appreciate the coldest booze in camp and frozen ice cream prepared for dessert. 
10 hours of force for one day loaded with fun. Energize it the prior night and it’s prepared for the sea shore, boat, rear end and then some! 

Appreciate limitless force for your chillest when you plug it into an AC or DC power source. Our all-electric, brushless DC blower utilizes 33% of the energy of normal thermo-electric coolers, making it an ideal refrigeration answer for your vehicle, boat, camper van, RV or minimalistic home.
To power the GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler, you have 4 options, its built-in battery, an external power bank, AC or DC and Solar. You can access the most convenient power source this way, whether you want to do barbecue in your backyard or deep in the woods.

Get the GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler from $599

Buy the GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler from $599.00

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