CREALITY 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer Now At $609| Best Deal

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CREALITY 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer Now At $609| Best Deal

CREALITY 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer is a great printer for beginners in the world of 3d printing, as it has a stably reinforced and closed chamber. The chamber allows printing with a variety of more professional and UV resistent filaments such as ASA and ABS. This printer has a direct drive extruder which is a completely All metal which improve the even pushing of the 3d filament through the print head. The all metal extruder enables stable printing without slipping the filament and therefore prints nice and smooth. With this printer, you can also print Flexible filaments thanks to the direct drive.

Chinese manufacturer Creality 3D is known for its range of 3D printers and filaments available at unbeatable value for money. It includes machines that use FDM or LCD technology, such as the Ender 3 or the HALOT-Skyrecently launched. Anyone who owns a 3D printer at home, or plans to buy one, knows that it is mainly its technical characteristics that significantly influence the purchase decision. However, as desktop 3D printers often settle into a living room for everyone to see, manufacturers are also paying more attention to the aesthetics of their products. This is exactly what the CREALITY 3D Sermoon D1 reflects, which not only captivates with its technical characteristics, but also catches the eye with its elegant design.
A transparent cube
Creality 3D printers are generally offered as a kit to assemble at home, and that doesn’t change with the CREALITY 3D Sermoon D1. However, this one is quite different from other products from the manufacturer in terms of aesthetics. With the growing number of desktop 3D printers on the market, it’s hardly surprising that companies are placing more and more emphasis on the appearance of their products in addition to their technical characteristics. After all, it has long been known, thanks to behavioral economics, that in addition to rational factors, emotional factors play an important role in our purchasing behavior. And in the case of the Sermoon D1, it’s clear that product design matters. After successful assembly, the discreetly colored machine looks like a cube. It incorporates a semi-closed printing chamber with glass inserts.
Sermoon D1 offers industrial grade FDM printing
If you take a look at the features of the CREALITY 3D Sermoon D1 product, you will find that one of the things that sets it apart from comparable machines is its semi-enclosed print space. Thanks to this, not only can the user monitor the process, but the closed housing also ensures that the temperature is maintained during production, which ultimately has a positive effect on the quality of the parts. The machine also stands out with a 4.3-inch touchscreen, dual Z-axis structure and a relatively large print volume (280 x 260 x 310 mm), which is rather atypical for this price range. A direct drive all-metal extruder expands the printing spectrum. Thanks to the presence of a high-performance fan, heat is optimally dissipated and uniform extrusion is ensured.

Where to buy CREALITY 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer?
Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!
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CREALITY 3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer Now At $609| Best Deal

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