DACOM TinyPods ENC TWS Earphones For Just $39.36 [Flash Deal]

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DACOM TinyPods ENC TWS Earphones For Just $39.36 [Flash Deal]

Dacom officially announced the selling point creative poster of the new 2021 real wireless earphone DACOM TinyPods ENC. It has been with me almost every day, listening to audio novels during the day, and sleep aid audio at night. Let’s take a look.
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The design of the TinyPods ENC charging box and the head is very small. Officials call the machine head a small bean sprout, and the charging box is a small bean pod, which is exquisite and full of fun, in line with the tastes of young people, fashionable and trendy, and easy to carry.
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The 4 microphone means that the left and right earphones are equipped with 4 microphone heads. The two microphones at the bottom of the headset are used to pick up human voices, and the two noise-canceling microphones at the top are used to collect environmental noise. The four microphones work together. Through the chip’s digital noise reduction algorithm, the human voice is increased and the noise is attenuated, so as to achieve a more ideal Call effect. Therefore, TinyPods ENC can provide clear voice effects to the other party in a variety of noisy environments, such as downtown areas, cars, subways, etc.

TinyPods ENC speakers use high-sensitivity, low-distortion titanium-plated composite diaphragm, coupled with a double-stacked sound cavity in-ear structure, bringing high quality, rich details, and immersive listening. After repeated adjustments by Dacom acoustic experts, TinyPods ENC is balanced with high, middle, and low three-bands, with a distinct sense of connection and hierarchy. The high frequency is extended enough, the resolution is high, the mid-range vocals are prominent and bright, the low frequency is extensible and powerful, and it is very resistant to hearing.
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Where To Buy
DACOM TinyPods ENC TWS Earphones are now available on Aliexpress For Just $39.36 on Flash sale. Click the following button for order now:
Buy DACOM TinyPods ENC at $39.36 on Aliexpress

DACOM TinyPods ENC TWS Earphones For Just $39.36 [Flash Deal]

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