Deerma DEM-LD612 Humidifier Now At $42.99| Best Deal

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Deerma DEM-LD612 Humidifier Now At $42.99| Best Deal

The Deerma DEM-LD612 humidifier is an all-new humidifier option with many improvements in both performance and design. Therefore, if you are looking for a humidifier to be located in areas with frequent air-conditioning, the product below will definitely be a great suggestion that you should not miss.

Deerma DEM-LD612 Humidifier Specs:
220V 50Hz
Humidifying flow
280mL / h
Product dimensions
18 x 21 x 59.5cm
Advantages of the Deerma DEM-LD612 humidifier
Not only possessing a high-end and modern design, but the Deerma DEM-LD612 humidifier is also improved and upgraded with a lot of internal features. The product features a unique high nozzle design that avoids the floor wet, suitable for any space. In addition, the smart digital screen also helps users to actively control humidity in the best way. In particular, the device also comes with a very convenient remote control.
Unique design, high nozzle texture
Unlike previous versions of Deerma humidifiers , DEM-LD612 has a unique vertical cylindrical design with a higher nozzle design. This structure both helps to avoid mist spraying the floor, while also helping spread moisture to a larger space. Besides, the size is quite slim with a height of only 59.5cm, making it easy for users to arrange the product anywhere from the floor to the table without worrying about taking up too much area.

The machine body is machined from   high-quality ABS plastic , providing high durability and hardness for the product. Moreover, this material also gives good resistance to dirt and is easy to clean. In addition, the transparent gauge on the side of the humidifier also helps users to clearly observe the amount of water inside so that they can add water in time without having to open the jar.
Comes with the remote control
The Deerma DEM-LD612 humidifier is specially upgraded with a large digital display that visually supports humidity display and various parameters. In addition to the custom operation right on the camera body through the control buttons in front of the LED screen, the manufacturer also integrates the included remote , which supports the user to flexibly control the humidifier with a distance of up to 6m. .
You absolutely can use this remote to turn on / off the device, adjust the humidity level or even the timer and the constant humidity setting easily. In addition, the design of the magnet plate at the top of the humidifier also helps the user to store the remote control more conveniently, thereby saving storage space and avoiding more loss.
Large flow rate, automatically shut off power when water runs out
The 25W power   generates high frequency vibrations, turning water molecules into super fine mist, spraying with a large flow of up to  280mL / h  to quickly spread and moisten to every corner of the space.
In addition, Deerma LD612 is also equipped with intelligent automatic humidification, which detects the change of humidity to easily control the level of humidification, thereby minimizing excess moisture. process the accumulation of water in space.
In particular, with the integrated smart sensor that can detect the current water level, the humidifier automatically disconnects the power in time when the tank runs out of water, avoiding the risk of fire and explosion.
Large capacity, can use essential oils
Deerma LD612 humidifier is equipped with a 6L large capacity water tank , which can keep humid for up to 21 hours , quite a long time, so users will not need to add water regularly to the device. Despite its high efficiency, the humidifier delivers a fairly low noise level of just 38dB , mostly quiet, so it won’t disturb your reading or resting.

In particular, users can also add a little aromatic essential oil to the yellow independent oil compartment of the machine’s engine to enjoy and immerse in the fragrance that spreads throughout the room.
Where to buy Deerma DEM-LD612 Humidifier ?
Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!
Buy The Deerma DEM-LD612 Humidifier on Banggood for $42.99XiaomiToday Best Deals
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Deerma DEM-LD612 Humidifier Now At $42.99| Best Deal

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