Deerma DX700S Handheld vacuum Cleaner now available at $36.54

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Deerma DX700S Handheld vacuum Cleaner now available at $36.54

Deerma DX700S – A hoover, endless possibilities
If you are looking for a multifunctional hoover for special tasks, the Deerma DX700S will meet your expectations. Ergonomic design, high performance, many application possibilities – see what else can surprise you!
Bet on mobility
The Deerma DX700S light case is easy to adapt to your needs. You can use it both as a small hand-held device. For example for cleaning furniture or upholstery, and as a classic vertical floor cleaner. Its light weight of only 2.75Kg also facilitates cleaning. This makes it easier to move it between rooms or pick it up to collect dust and spider webs from the ceiling. With the Deerma DX700S you can get almost anywhere – and you can also use a practical 4.5 m long cable. Soon there won’t be a single dusty place in your house!

Deerma DX700S Flexibility:
To make cleaning even easier, we have equipped the clamp with three interchangeable brushes. Each brush is perfect for a wide variety of surfaces and will help you create the perfect order. See what you can get with them! The main nozzle comes with a rubber strip and four rollers for comfortable movement on the floor. Great for cleaning hard surfaces. The mechanism for changing the position allows you to get debris from hard-to-reach places.
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Deerma DX700S Floor brush
With a large brush, you can vacuum floors quickly and efficiently. It is thin and rotating, so you can easily bring it to hard to reach places. It helps you get rid of dust under the bed or between the legs of the chairs – the clever design of the brush allows you to guide it as you wish.

Dust brush
A small toothbrush allows you to clean smaller surfaces well. It can be used to clean shelves, worktops and furniture, such as sofas and armchairs. Dust, your beloved pet’s hair, crumbs – none, not even the most stubborn dirt can hide from him.
Crack brush
You can reach narrow gaps and corners with a slotted brush. It will gather in almost every corner and will effectively remove debris. Space between furniture, gaps in sofas and armchairs and even the keyboard – cleaning these places will no longer be a challenge!

Choose a triple protection
Create a clean, pollution-free and allergen-free environment with the triple filtration system. Deerma DX700S effectively insulates dirt, hair, dust and hair and cares about your health! The filtration system in the Xiaomi Deerma DX700S Wireless Vacuum Cleaner consists of a plastic platform for mounting in the tank body, a HEPA filter and a cylindrical foam cover. The points of contact between the main unit and the filter are equipped with soft gaskets, which excludes air intake between them.
Efficient and comfortable cleaning
The 600 W motor power and 15000 Pa suction power ensure the efficient and effective operation of the hoover – no dust particles, even the most stubborn ones, will win with it. The 0.8 litre dirt container can be easily emptied and cleaned to reduce contact with dirt. What makes the unit so special is its low noise level – it does not exceed 68 dB. Say goodbye to unsafe, difficult to handle and noisy hoovers – the Deerma DX700S will make cleaning quick and enjoyable.
Deerma DX700S Design that works everywhere
The simple and minimalist design of the hoover makes it not only practical, but also an elegant addition to your home. The gray color of the device will perfectly match the character of any interior. The possibility of vertical storage will also save space. All this makes Deerma DX700S the perfect choice for your home.
Technical Specifications Xiaomi Deerma DX700S Handheld Vacuum Cleaner:
Brand: Xiaomi
Model: Deerma DX700S Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
For all types of surfaces: carpets, wood, ceramic, marble, tiles, etc.
With various heads
Two suction modes
Maximum suction: 15000 rpm
Dust tank capacity: 0.8 L

Deerma DX700S Handheld vacuum Cleaner now available at $36.54

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