Douxlife DL-GD02 Gaming Desk Now At $129.99| Pre-Sale

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Douxlife DL-GD02 Gaming Desk Now At $129.99| Pre-Sale

Douxlife follows right behind Blitzwolf in chairs and desks releases, and the Douxlife DL-GD02 Gaming Desk certainly looks a bit like a BW, but it has its own charm.
Good price for this table to mount your gaming setup, brand Douxlife DL-GD02 Gaming Desk. Its measurements are: 110 * 60 * 75cm and it weighs 15.2KG. Supports up to 80KG without problem. The desk part is carbon fiber. It comes with quite a few extras like a mouse pad, 1 shelf for game controllers, a headphone hook and a cup holder.
Douxlife DL-GD02 Gaming Desk Features:
Let me start by saying that this is a gaming-centric desk because the carbon-fiber textured material coating and the headphone, glass, and controller mounts don’t leave much room to question its gaming nature .
The Douxlife DL-GD02 Gaming Desk surface is 110 x 60 x 75 cm and has a thickness of 1.5 cm, while it has a special slot on the upper left and right for the cables to pass through. On the back there is a wire hub for an even better cable arrangement.
As I said, the entire plate is coated with a carbon fiber-like material, and you will find a very large mousepad in the package. The height of the desk is 75 cm and it is based on two Z-legs that can lift up to 80 kg, so before climbing up to dance around a cook’s belly, think about the belly.

Finally, I would like to tell you that the Douxlife DL-GD02 gaming desk comes with a controller stand, a headset stand and a cup holder. ALL of these, dear reader, you can be for only $ 129.99 FINAL price with shipping from the Czech Republic.

Where to buy Douxlife DL-GD02 Gaming Desk ?
Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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Douxlife DL-GD02 Gaming Desk Now At $129.99| Pre-Sale

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