Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner Now at $373.99

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Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner Now at $373.99

Today, robot vacuum cleaners have become one of the indispensable home appliances that bring comfort and best support for time-consuming house cleaning. And robot intelligent vacuum cleaning Dreame Bot L10 Pro with latest innovations is the ability to navigate accurately and recognize and avoid obstacles smart, … would be a reasonable investment option for every home family.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro Specs:
L10 Pro
Rated power
100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.5A
Dust container capacity
Suction force
Charging time
2.5 hours
Working time
60 minutes
Battery capacity
Advantages of Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner
Dreame Bot L10 Pro is considered to be the most modern upgraded version of the vacuum cleaner with the ability to wipe and sweep at the same time with the LIDAR navigation system, 3D mapping to avoid obstacles, comes with suction power. 4000Pa, 5200mAh battery, smart App sync to schedule daily cleaning,… Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your family’s cleaning robot, this will be a reasonable and modern equipment Best.
Precise LIDAR navigation
Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner uses LIDAR navigation with a mechanism of scanning around with two lasers, when it detects nearby obstacles it will slow down and go in another direction. From there, better avoid obstacles from furniture to family pets.
In particular, LIDAR navigation also allows Dreame Bot L10 Pro to build a comprehensive 3D map, act like a human eye, provide a vision with a 360-degree scanning angle, automatically recognize objects and avoid, reducing the risk of getting stuck collisions, storing things before cleaning is no longer a must.
Smart SLAM algorithm
The intelligent SLAM algorithm helps the robot vacuum cleaner to build a shorter travel route, to work quickly and efficiently.
In addition, the L10 Pro robot is also equipped with the ability to identify and divide each room, each floor in your house. From there you can easily manage and name each room such as living room, bedroom, dining room,… You just need to specify the desired cleaning area and the robot will automatically go to and complete it. exact work assigned.

Powerful suction power, comprehensive cleaning
In terms of operating capacity, the Dreame Bot L10 Pro smart robot vacuum uses a NIDEC brushless motor and a front-mounted roller brush to completely clean the dust on floors and carpets. 4000Pa suction capacity and expanded dust container capacity up to 570ml , quickly handle all types of garbage on the floor. Dirt and debris will also be quickly collected, pet hair and hair loss will also be immediately bundled and sucked into the dust container.
The pump and sensor system will support each other in the process of spraying water with a 270ml capacity tank that provides the necessary amount of moisture for the wipes. And Dreame Bot L10 Pro will automatically sense the dirt of the floor surface and then spray the appropriate amount of water to clean it while ensuring the floor dries quickly.
Large battery capacity
The powerful 5200mAh battery capacity and BMS power management system automatically adjusts the capacity to help the floor cleaning robot  can work continuously for 60 minutes , with a cleaning area of ??250m2 in just 2.5 hours of full charge. Dreame Bot L10 Pro can also calculate the time it takes to complete the cleaning and automatically recharge the battery if the remaining battery is not enough to complete the job.
Where to buy Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner?
Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

Buy The Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner on Banggood for $373.99XiaomiToday Best Deals
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Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner Now at $373.99

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