Dreame V16, V12, and T30 Handheld vacuum cleaners displayed at AWE 2021

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Dreame V16, V12, and T30 Handheld vacuum cleaners displayed at AWE 2021

Dreame technology is finally participating in the Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2021. Dreame is the Company known to manufacture the home appliances like robot vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners. The AWE 2021 is taking place today in Shanghai. Dreame is going to display various handheld and robot vacuum cleaners at the event. The main focus of the users will on products like Dreame Bot L10 Pro. This robot vacuum cleaner is an auto empty robot vacuum cleaner. Along with this, there are more products like Dreame Bot Z10 Pro, an Auto cleaning Bot, Dreame Bot W10. Also, the company will display handheld cleaners like; Dreame V16, Dreame T30, Dreame V12.
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Features of Various Vacuum cleaners:
Dreame Bot L10 Pro comes with a cutting-edge navigation system and obstacle avoidance technology. With multiple intelligent sensors, the vacuum, cleaner uses the Lidar scanner casting thousands of invisible laser points. These points help in measuring the surroundings and obstacles. The vacuum cleaner is able to generate the map in the MiHome App to plan the cleaning.
Dreame Bot Z10 Pro comes with the auto-empty base which automatically disposes the dirt and intelligently mop and vacuum the area. With its strong vacuum technology, the Dreame W10 is able to clean the area on its own.

Dreame V16:
Now the handheld vacuum cleaners are the best from Dreame. The Dreame V16 vacuum cleaner comes with the world’s fast and effective motor of 160K RPM and reaches 200AW suction power.

Dreame will display the Dreame V16, Dreame V12 and Dreame T30 AT AWE 2021. The T30 and V12 comes with 150K RPM high-speed motors.
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The Dreame V12 comes with an ergonomic design which makes the cleaning pretty easy for the user. On another side, the T30 comes with an upgraded battery increasing the battery life. This vacuum cleaner is expected to be the better choice for big houses.

As Asia’s largest and one of the world’s top three international household appliance and consumer electronics exhibition, AWE 2021 is an ideal platform to showcase the next-gen cleaning technology of Dreame, an ambitious tech innovation company expanding internationally. We hope more users can enjoy a high-quality life through smart home appliances,” said Kuan Shan, Head of Overseas Business at Dreame Technology.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro, Z10 Pro and cordless stick vacuum V12, T30 will be available on AliExpress and Amazon in the first half of the year.
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Dreame V16, V12, and T30 Handheld vacuum cleaners displayed at AWE 2021

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