FIIDO L3 launched and now available at an introductory price

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FIIDO L3 launched and now available at an introductory price

These days, with the increasing number of automobiles, whether FIIDO L3 Electric Bike is the final commute or the holidays, there are always highway visitors sitting in traffic jams, buses, or cabs. You usually see a dozen steps away from the residence but blocked from transit. These Riding a compact electric bike is probably the most viable. So Xiaomi Today would recommend an electric bike that can travel 120 kilometers, the FIIDO L3. similar Xiaomi HIMO C20.

Design of FIIDO L3
FIIDO L3 is an electric bike; it is not identified as a standard electric bike. As a result, it has a built-in battery and a high-strength aluminum physique. But the whole body looks like a bicycle, tiny, but at the same time, the body can be very stiff.

It offers three modes: Human Driving, Human-Electric Hybrid Driving, and Authentic Electric Driving. We will choose the Personal mode to choose the driving mode according to our situation and environmental situation. We will also choose low medium and extra driving speed through speed management in the left contract.
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Features of FIIDO L3
The brake system of the L3 electric bicycle is made by providing a simple disc brake. Each entrance and rear; the brake system is great, so the brakes’ braking efficiency is relatively good. The brakes are stable, which can be a guarantee of public safety.

It is worth mentioning that the L3 electric bike can be very carefully designed, only the entrance and rear wheels do not have a mudguard, which can successfully cut a drop of clean water while driving in the rain. Yet, there is a raised design on foot, Increase friction and create extra comfortable driving courses.
In the wheels’ case, the FIIDO L3 e-bike uses 14-inch Zhengxin e-bike tires for each entrance and rear, and the tires have deep steps, which means it has great anti-slip capabilities.
In the technique of using it, I discovered a really interesting design. The FIIDO L3 electric bike uses a single headlight and horn in a single design. It not only makes the entire entrance to the bike look extra compact and capable but can also fill us up when traveling at night, but the rear tail is extra light to protect us after traveling at night.

The battery of FIIDO L3
Finally, regarding the change, the battery capacity of this product is 14.5Ah / 23.2Ah. According to the official knowledge given, it can operate in 40-70 km pure electric mode and 70-120 km electric assistance mode.
Expert Abstraction: Through the ease of use, I can say that this FIIDO L3 electric bike’s compact physique gave me the comfort of a nice ride. I wanted to get up very early to stop the bus, but now I can sleep thinking about being a little late on the mattress, ideal for short-distance rides.
Where can I buy the FIIDO L3?
You can buy L3 Electric Bike from online stores like Banggood, Aliexpress, Gearbest, and Geekbuying.
FIIDO L3 Electric Bike for just $879.99XiaomiToday Best Deals

FIIDO L3 launched and now available at an introductory price

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