FIMI Palm 2 now offered at $189 only: Shipped from EU Warehouse

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FIMI Palm 2 now offered at $189 only: Shipped from EU Warehouse

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FIMI PALM 2 GIMBAL Camera; An upgraded version

After the success of the Xiaomi FIMI PALM, here is the upgrade version of the gimbal. The new Xiaomi FIMI Palm 2 is on the table and all set to run in your hands. With the smooth handling and light weight the new PALM 2 will impress you. The long time battery of Palm 2 is great with the LED display for outdoor shoots.
Xiaomi Today have come up with the best offer which customers will love to grab. The Fimi Palm 2, the real alternative to the expensive DJI Pocket. On offer on the well-known site Banggood and shipped from Europe warehouse with fast shipping. For the less experienced, here is an explanation of this fantastic device for video recording. We are talking about a 4k resolution video camera with optical stabiliser. Along with a gimbal with a very comfortable handle, ideal for shooting videos on the move without ruining them with the classic blur effect.

But let’s get to the characteristics and user experience of this exceptional product:
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Features of FIMI Palm 2:
From a first contact you feel cool with the handling of the Palm 2 thanks to its dimensions of 132.5 x 32.5 x 35.5 cm and a weight of only 140 gr. Fimi Palm in the handle has a small 1,44 ? touchscreen display with 320 x 320 px resolution, a 4-way joystick and a multifunction button.

Above the display there is a status LED and the button to switch to the Selfie mode. There is rubber base to allow FIMI Gimbal to place safely on flat surfaces with usb-c connector in the centre. On the side there is the slot for the microSD card (maximum capacity 256GB) and a slot for a lanyard and on the back a standard 1/4 ? screw connection to connect it to external supports.

The battery of Palm 2 is 2600 mAh capable of ensuring up to 308 minutes of use and it is possible to interface with the device through the Fimi Play app via the integrated 5 Ghz wi-fi. The 3-axis mechanical gimbal supports the 14mm equivalent focal lens which ensures a FOV of 128 ° with a maximum aperture of f / 2.4; the images are captured by a 1 Mpx 2.6 / 12 ? CMOS sensor.
The ISO sensitivity varies from 100 to 3200 and the shutter speed of Palm 2 is from 30 ? to 1/8000 ?. Both values ??can manage both automatically and manually. The photos are save in jpeg or in raw format while the videos are shot in 4K at 30 / 25fps or 1080p at 90 / 50fps in the NTSC or PAL standard. The bitrate is 100M and the codecs are H264 and H265. There are 2 color profiles, one standard and one s-log which facilitates the color correction work in post production.
Do you need it?
Why wouldn’t I just use my phone? Your phone might actually produce cleaner video in certain situations but the Fimi Palm does some things your phone just can’t replicate.

For one, it is on a gimbal, so you can get really smooth, consistent pan and tilt movements. It is much nicer in terms of ergonomics, you can just hold it nicely in one hand and it has a tripod thread built right into it for sitting it on a table, etc. The last reason is that you can just use a micro SD card and the battery in the Fimi and not worry about phone storage or battery life, it’s totally independent.

The fact that it has a gimbal means it can combine with smart tracking and allow you to be free to move whilst the camera follows you around. You can also do fun things like recording driving scenes, jib shots, and simulate aerial footage using the tracking without risking your phone’s screen. The fact that it costs a fraction of a phone means you can be a little more adventurous with it.
Where to buy:
The new Xiaomi FIMI Palm 2 is now available at the best price from banggood. To buy the product now click on the buy now link below.
Xiaomi FIMI PALM 2 Gimbal Camera for just $189.99 (Banggood)XiaomiToday Best Deals

FIMI Palm 2 now offered at $189 only: Shipped from EU Warehouse

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