Haylou GT1 2022; lightweight earbuds for games launched

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Haylou GT1 2022; lightweight earbuds for games launched

Haylou GT1 2022
June 1, 2022, wireless earbuds are becoming popular since the launch of the first Apple AirPods. Every person globally likes to carry wireless earbuds to be free from the wires. Along with the wireless feature, now everyone wants them to be stylish and inexpensive. But at the same time, they should play high-quality music and work for a long time. To fulfill all the customers’ demands, Xiaomi launches the new Haylou GT1 2022 TWS earbuds, supporting the low latency gaming mode. The device is already available to purchase from different platforms, but we recommend you go through our article to check if the earbuds suit your requirements.

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Features of Haylou GT1 2022 TWS earbuds:
Features of Haylou GT1 2022 TWS earbuds:
The miniature headphones weigh 3.9 grams each and do not cause inconvenience even when worn for a long time. Thanks to the energy-efficient Bluetooth 5.2 module, they quickly connect to a signal source at a distance of up to 10 meters. On a single charge, the accessory can work up to 5 hours, and when using the included case, you can listen to music away from the outlet for up to 20 hours.
The headset comes with 7.2mm drivers and supports SBC and AAC codecs. Headphones can also be used separately – for example, for talking on the phone. The noise reduction system will work in this scenario, cutting off extraneous sounds and making the voice clearer. Compact acoustics is also suitable for games – when the corresponding mode is activated, the signal delay value will be only 65 ms.
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Another feature of the model is the magnetic case. If the headphones need to be put in a pocket or on a table without an issue, they can be fastened together. Easy-to-use touchpads control playback and answer calls so that the headset won’t dig into your ears.
The Haylou GT1 2022 Wireless Earbuds are now available on the AliExpress marketplace for $35.98, and from May 23, they will be on sale at a 50% discount (for $23.99).
Haylou GT1 2022 TWS Earbuds now available to purchase here at price of $17.99

If you are someone using the earbuds from Haylou, the below are the steps to get the latest update:
Download new release software and update firmware last version:

Last updated version: 02.01.2020
Country: All
Download Size: 134 MB
Language pack: English, Chinese
Version: 5.1.11

Download and update firmware for models: haylou ls02, haylou ls01 custom, haylou ls01 English, haylou ls05.

Haylou GT1 2022; lightweight earbuds for games launched

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