HIMO C30S Electric Bike now available to purchase at $2474.99

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HIMO C30S Electric Bike now available to purchase at $2474.99

HIMO after the success of its HIMO C20 and HIMO Z series now has come up with the new electric bike on the start of the new year. HIMO will launch the latest electric bike soon as the upgrade to the HIMO C30. The recent launching electric bikes will name as HIMO C30S and HIMO C30R. C30 electric bike is the newly launched electric bike which came in the market a few weeks ago. To check more details about the HIMO C30S, dive into the products’ features and specs below.
Features of HIMO C30S:
About the design of the HIMO C30S, the new electric bike comes with the aluminium body. The Aluminium will make it easy for the customer to handle the bike easily, as it is the lightweight product. Being very light customer can carry the bike and move it between the places quickly. The dimensions of the bike are 1050mm height and 1740mm length.
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The HIMO C30S comes with the bend handle. The bent handle makes it a perfect racing bike, now you can feel like riding a professional cycle. If you like to ride it like a regular bike, you can also change the settings and look like a regular bike. The handle is easy to bend; you need to pull the handle and make it comfortable.

The new electric bike is powered with the 250W motor. The powerful motor will let you run the bike at a maximum speed of 25km/h. With the Samsung 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery, the bike will run about 75km in the power-assist mode. This data is when the HIMO C30S electric bike is fully charged and run at 15km/hr. To check all the details, the bike comes with the LED screen panel. On this panel, customer can change the settings and switch to any mode while riding. The best part of the screen is you can also twist the screen on the handle and move it as you like it.

Tyres and Weight
The Kenda 700C X 32X pneumatic tyres, the electric bike gives you the comfort to ride the bike, even on turf and muddy grounds. With these powerful tyres, the bike can carry the 100KG weight with a speed of 25km/h. The weight of the bike is about 23kg.

The HIMO C30S comes in two different colors, i.e., Silver, and Grey.
Xiaomi Today has learned that HIMO might also come with another electric bike called HIMO C30R. This bike will again come in the same colors in the market.
HIMO C30S electric bicycle now for just $2474.99XiaomiToday Best Deals

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HIMO C30S Electric Bike now available to purchase at $2474.99

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