Hisense U7G Pro ULED XDR TV launched: 1600 nit brightness, 144Hz refresh rate

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Hisense U7G Pro ULED XDR TV launched: 1600 nit brightness, 144Hz refresh rate

Today on March 16th, 2021, the news from Hisense is, the company has launched the new series of ULED XDR TV. The new Hisense U7G Pro was launched yesterday and called it a video master series. The series is launched in two variants, i.e., 55 inches and 85 inches; both of the ULED TVs will come with 4K resolution.
Features of Hisense U7G Pro ULED XDR TV:
The new TV series comes with the ULED backlight technology. This technology helps in improving the overall brightness, color, and contrast of the TV. The display effect which this technology provides surpasses this tv from other HDR TVs. With this technology, the TV supports the 1600nits brightness, and the backlight can control the contrast ratio and achieve the ratio of 1 million:1.

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In terms of color, Hisense U7G Pro series TVs can cover 97% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. The colors are adjusted one by one, ?E?1.2. The TV has an 8×8 pixel-level brightness and color temperature equalization algorithm. It solves the problem of uneven brightness and color display.

Hisense said that the XDR TV adopts an optical simulation imaging system and design. And its light-condensing performance is four times that of ordinary TVs, which improves the definition and the dynamic range.
This series of TVs are also equipped with a Xinxin U+ processing chip, with image perception AI global dynamic super-resolution, AI noise reduction, and other functions. It provides a 144Hz variable refresh rate. In order to ensure real-time gaming performance, the TV comes with an HDMI 2.1 interface with an ultra-low input delay of less than 15ms. Also, it is adapted to game consoles such as PS5 and Xbox.

Hisense U7G Pro series TVs also have the German Rheinland Low Blu-ray certification, with a viewing angle of 178°, which is also equipped with WAVES speakers and Hi-Sound audio processing chips. Also, the TV comes with a 1080P detachable camera.
The price of the Hisense U7G Pro starts from 7,499 Yuan for 55-inch, and for a 65-inch TV, the price is 10,999 Yuan. Last but not least, the price of 85-inch is set at 21,999 Yuan.
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Hisense U7G Pro ULED XDR TV launched: 1600 nit brightness, 144Hz refresh rate

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