Hongmeng or MIUI: What are the Differences?

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Hongmeng or MIUI: What are the Differences?

Generally speaking, this has something to do with the mobile phone used. If you are using a Hongmeng system mobile phone, you think that Hongmeng is easy to use, if you are using an MIUI system now, you think that the MIUI system is easy to use. Of course, according to the online statement, Hongmeng is characterized by stability, and with its own Kirin chip, it can be optimized better, but it is not good enough in terms of aesthetics. MIUI is characterized by comprehensive functions, but it also brings the problem of a bloated system, which in turn will cause the stability to be inferior to Hongmeng.
Hongmeng or MIUI:
Is there any truth in the online statement? Personally think it makes sense, but sometimes it is a bit exaggerated. For example, when it comes to stability, it seems that the MIUI system seems to be extremely unstable, and there is no way to use it. The stability of MIUI is not that bad. . In other words, the current systems of these major manufacturers will not have any particularly big differences in stability. When it comes to functionality, it seems that Huawei’s functionality is much worse. Huawei Hongmeng also integrates many functions. The performance of sex is not weak, and the UI of these major domestic manufacturers is not weak in functionality.

Anyway, these two systems are both easy to use. If you want to improve, I hope Hongmeng can beautify the system and make it look better. MIUI can change its thinking. After all, Xiaomi is not a small factory anymore. The method of rapid iteration is a bit inappropriate. On the system that the new machine is released on, it should be safe.

Looking at the things about MIUI 12.5 this year, I don’t know what Xiaomi thinks. Some consumers may be exposed to Xiaomi phones for the first time. If the initial system performance is not good, it will easily affect the user’s impression of Xiaomi. Of course, some people say that it only needs to upgrade a few times. Some people don’t have the awareness of upgrading the system at all.
In general, I feel that Huawei’s Hongmeng system is aimed at facing mass users from the beginning, while Xiaomi’s system is still a bit of a feeling of being born for enthusiasts.

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Hongmeng or MIUI: What are the Differences?

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