Huawei AX2 PRO Router to launch soon, Supporting Wi-Fi 6 Plus

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Huawei AX2 PRO Router to launch soon, Supporting Wi-Fi 6 Plus

Wi-Fi 6 routers are now famous in the market and Chinese companies are doing their best to give customers the fastest speed with 5G networks. Huawei is another company after Xiaomi to launch Wi-Fi 6 Plus router. In 2020, Huawei launched the AX3 router with WiFi 6, and now we have another upgrade in the Router section. Huawei AX2 Pro is the new router supporting Wi-Fi 6 Plus. The news is from Weibo’s Blogger. Let’s dive into the features of the router.
Features of Huawei AX2 PRO Router:
The Huawei router comes in two colours, i.e., Black and White, supporting the 2000Mbps wireless transmission. And it does not feature the 160Hz bandwidth. The design of the router is similar to the AX3 router and the logo on the right top end.
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It supports Huawei to share one touch to connect to the Internet. Android phones equipped with NFC function can join Wi-Fi without a password by touching the router. Wi-Fi network, the price is expected to be further reduced. Now it is easy for users to connect the devices to the router.

There is no information about the new Huawei AX2 PRO Router, but we expect the prices of the AX3 series will fall very soon. And we will witness the launch of the AX2 series by next month.
This news is a general update on the leak from the blogger. So, the official confirmation is yet to come from the company. Let’s wait and also stay tuned to get more information on the router.

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Huawei AX2 PRO Router to launch soon, Supporting Wi-Fi 6 Plus

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