Huawei band 7 land Huawei Watch FIT 2 launched and available to purchase here

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Huawei band 7 land Huawei Watch FIT 2 launched and available to purchase here

HUAWEI held a new product launch for the domestic market on May 26 and officially announced the smart band “HUAWEI Band 7” and the smartwatch “HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2”. Of these, HUAWEI Band 7 is a product whose model for China was just announced in late April.

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Features of Huawei Band 7:Connectivity:Huawei Watch Fit 2:Fitness modes:
Features of Huawei Band 7:
The display is 1.47 inches (368 x 194) and uses an AMOLED panel. Since it supports the constant display that was not supported by the previous model HUAWEI BAND 6, the practicality as a “wristwatch” is also improved.
Unfortunately, GPS was not installed this time, so it is necessary to take out the smartphone that will be the mother ship together to record route information. Still, it supports the recording of 96 types of fitness data, sleep tracking (HUAWEI TruSleep) 2.0), heart rate, stress measurement, and 24-hour blood oxygen concentration measurement (Sp2O) are also supported.

Notifications received from smartphones are easy to see on the large screen, and it is also attractive that the battery operating time is as long as 2 hours for normal use. It is also recommended for beginners as it has all the functions required for a smartwatch. The housing color is available in four colors: Flame Red, Nebula Pink, Graphite Black, and Wilderness Green.
HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 also has a luxurious design, GPS function, music playback function, and incoming call function, but you can purchase it for around $156. Unlike the higher-end models, you can’t add apps, but I think you’ll be satisfied with all the features you need for your smartwatch.
Huawei Watch Fit 2:
This model is set at a relatively low price in the smartwatch “HUAWEI WATCH” series. In addition to the active model that uses a silicon band, a classic model that uses a high-quality leather band is also available.

Unlike the higher model HUAWEI WATCH 3, it is equipped with an embedded OS instead of “Harmony OS 2”, so it does not support the addition of apps, but because it has a built-in GPS, it is with the mother ship. You can record routes such as walking, running, and cycling without carrying your smartphone.

The display is 1.86 inches (480 x 336). It uses an AMOLED panel and can be lit all the time. The display size is 18.6% larger than the previous model HUAWEI WATCH FIT (1.64 inches).
Fitness modes:
Like Huawei Band 7, it supports recording 96 types of fitness data. Still, with HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2, you can measure the number of ability values ??during running by “Huawei Tru Sports” and use the preparatory exercise coaching function before and after running.

In addition, it supports heart rate, stress measurement, and 24-hour blood oxygen concentration measurement, and it is also possible to transfer music to HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 only when paired with an Android smartphone. In addition, since it also supports Bluetooth calls, you can receive calls with the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 alone without removing the mother ship’s smartphone.

Still, HUAWEI Band 7 was just announced in the Chinese market last month. I didn’t expect it to happen. The price is almost unchanged from the previous model HUAWEI BAND 6. It is attractive that it is still excellent in cost performance. It’s more like a “smartwatch” than a “smart band,” so it can be used as a watch without any discomfort; and it is also recommended for those who purchase a smartwatch for the first time.
Huawei BAND 7 now available for just $45.99 (Introductory Price)
Huawei Watch FIT 2 now available to purchase at just $159.99 (Best Offer)
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Huawei band 7 land Huawei Watch FIT 2 launched and available to purchase here

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