iBasso DC06 USB DAC/AMP Launches with Dual DAC ES9219C Chipset; Costs US$93

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iBasso DC06 USB DAC/AMP Launches with Dual DAC ES9219C Chipset; Costs US$93

iBasso moves ahead to reveal its latest portable USB DAC/AMP named iBasso DC06. It is the next high-tech iteration the company is adding to its DC series of DACs. The iBasso DC series is quite popular for a range of successful integrations, including DC02 and DC05 etc. In terms of pricing, the manufacturer has put a price tag of US$119 against the new iBasso DC06 DAC.

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iBasso DC06 USB DAC Specifications
iBasso DC06 USB DAC Specifications
On the feature sheet, enthusiasts come to observe a set of innovative qualities and features that can enhance the overall experience. The product comes studded with a premium Dual DAC chipset. It hosts two high-performing DAC (ES9219C) chips made by ESS Sabre Technologies. You can create both single-ended and balanced connections using 3.5mm and 4.4mm output ports. It is competent equipment that has the potential to power most IEMs. Also, it can facilitate some headphones in the market without striking hard.

Dual ES9219C DAC Chips
Full 16x MQA Decoding
Detachable Type-C Connector Type
Multi-color LED Indicator
Independent Femtosecond Oscillator
High-Power Output
High-resolution DSD and PCM signals
Dual headphone outputs
Low distortion and high SNR ratings

Inside, iBasso DC06 houses a premium dual DAC chipset – ES9219C. It is a 32-bit high-resolution stereo DAC chip that further boasts Quad DAC+ technology. Furthermore, the unit combines an independent femtosecond oscillator with the DACs for enhanced performance. You’ll have tremendous performance while decoding DSD and PCM signals.

Furthermore, iBasso DC06 DAC offers a true MQA signal for your mobile devices, thanks to the full 16x MQA signal unfolding. Therefore, you’ll enjoy high-quality sound signals directly with your smartphone device. With dual headphone output ports, iBasso DC06 supports single-ended as well as balanced connections. It reflects a single-ended 3.5mm and a balanced 4.4mm output.

iBasso DC06 Dual DAC Support MQA Decoding now available for $93.99
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iBasso DC06 USB DAC/AMP Launches with Dual DAC ES9219C Chipset; Costs US$93

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