ILIFE A9s Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Just $187.75 [Flash Deal]

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ILIFE A9s Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Just $187.75 [Flash Deal]

The ILIFE A9s Robot Vacuum Cleaner combines two functions: vacuuming and moping. Improved mopping system – the cloth attachment vibrates, making it more thoroughly wipes dirty floors. With the help of the application, it is possible to regulate the speed of water flow i.e.
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Despite the usual tablet form, ILIFE V9e looks quite atypical – it is already and higher than most robots on the market. With a diameter of 330 mm, the height of the case is 112 mm. The main body color is white with black inserts. In the front of the front panel, there is a single control button for starting and stopping cleaning. In front of the button, a window with LED indicators is mounted in the body – they inform about the current state of the vacuum cleaner. The rest of the bezel is a hinged cover. There is a compartment for the dust collector under it.
ILIFE A9s is a large transparent cyclone filter container. The volume of the container is 700 ml. A foldable handle is provided for easy removal. Here, under the lid, there is a special recess for a service brush. The front side of the body is covered by a bumper with tinted glass that hides the IR sensors. The same glass, only slightly smaller, is also on the rear panel – a remote control signal receiver is installed under it.
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Thanks to the webcam, the robot maps the room. ILIFE A9s will vacuum the room more thoroughly – it will not miss any point and will vacuum the room in a shorter time. It will not waste batteries returning to the same, already dusty place. The set includes, among other things, a device called a virtual wall. Thanks to it, we can put a virtual barrier in front of the robot, which it will never cross. It will be a space where the robot will not vacuum. In this way, you can separate the pet bowls filled with water or the places on the floor where there are objects that the vacuum cleaner could pick up.

The ILIFE A9s cleaning robot is equipped with two central brushes – to be used interchangeably. The bristle brush allows you to thoroughly pick up dirt and hair from carpets. The silicone brush perfectly cleans floors, i.e. parquet, panels, tiles. The robot announces by voice (in English) what it is currently doing or if it requires attention. This option is especially useful in large houses when the robotic vacuum cleaner disappears from sight.
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Where To Buy
ILIFE A9s Robot Vacuum Cleaner is now available on Aliexpress For Just $187.75 on Aliexpress For Just $187.75 on Flash Sale. Click the following button for order now:
Buy ILIFE V9e at $187.75 on Aliexpress

ILIFE A9s Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Just $187.75 [Flash Deal]

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