iLife B5 Max Robot vacuum cleaner launched  and available to purchase

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iLife B5 Max Robot vacuum cleaner launched  and available to purchase

iLife has been breaking popularity records on the market of cheap cleaning robots for many years. They have always stood out for their excellent value for money. The best offers should be looked for in their official store on Aliexpress. Products ordered there are original (directly from the manufacturer), covered by a two-year warranty and, above all, shipped from the Polish warehouse, so they come within just a few days of ordering. Recently, 2 new products appeared in their store that I would like to introduce to you: the iLife B5 MAX robot vacuum cleaner and the upright vacuum cleaner in 2 variants: iLife H75 and iLife H75 Plus.

You can buy the above devices cheaper from June 3 to 5 with the discount code: NEW10, which gives you a discount of $ 10 (about PLN 37) for purchases over $ 100 (about PLN 370).
Also, take a look at the iLife promotional page at this link, where you will find the store’s discount coupons for download.
Regardless, you can try to take advantage of the following discount codes available in limited quantities, which are working right now:
AEKOLJUN3 $ 20 discount! for orders for min. $ 199
AEKOLJUN1 $ 10 discount for orders for min. $ 99
AEKOLJUN23 $ 5 discount for orders for min. $ 49
The above codes work for all products from Aliexpress, and these only for products with fast (3- or 7-day) shipping from the EU:
AEKOLJUN4 $ 4 discount for orders for min. $ 40
AEKOLJUN6 $ 6 discount for orders for min. $ 60
AEKOLJUN12 $ 12 discount! for orders for min. $ 100
ILife B5 Max Cleaning Robot
You can find a lot of iLife robots on sale. Now, this collection is joined by iLife B5 Max, which you can buy at this link.
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What distinguishes the new model? There is a bit of it, so check carefully if its features meet your expectations:
High suction power
First of all, it is worth noting that the MAX element in the name was not accidental. The maximum suction force for this model is 2000 Pascals.
For a robot in this budget, this is an impressive result.

However, this is not the only distinguishing feature of this model.

Optional dust bags instead of a container
Cleaning robots of this type collect the collected dirt in dust containers, which are often so small that we have to empty them after each cleaning. This problem does not occur with the B5 Max. First of all, the dust container is very large: as much as 600 ml. Secondly, it can be turned into a special dust bag with a capacity of up to 1 litre!

This is undoubtedly a big innovation in the case of cleaning robots. At least so far I have not encountered anything like this. Such a capacious dust bag can make it a successful replacement for the dust station often found in much more expensive models (e.g. in some iRobot Roomba).
Vacuuming and mopping in one
The new iLife robot vacuum cleaner can not only vacuum but mop floors. Moreover, mopping in this model is more effective than regular mopping due to the vibration of the mop cloth:
Operation via the app
We can control the robot primarily with the included remote control (recommended especially for older people), but also using a convenient smartphone application:

Compact size
If you are considering buying this model or any other of the wide range of this type of equipment that I recommended on my website, I would like to draw your attention to one more thing. Most of the robots I recommend have laser navigation. 

iLife B5 Max does not have it, but it is lower than robots with a characteristic laser tower. Thus, it can enter more nooks and crannies, most of all there is a greater chance that it will go under a sofa or a chest of drawers.

iLife B5 MAX Vacuum Cleaner now available at best price hereXiaomiToday Best Deals
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iLife B5 Max Robot vacuum cleaner launched  and available to purchase

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