iLife H75 and iLife H75 Plus handheld vacuum cleaner launched

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iLife H75 and iLife H75 Plus handheld vacuum cleaner launched

June 3, 2021, iLife along with the iLife B5 max robot vacuum cleaner launched the two new handheld vacuum cleaners (iLife H75 and iLife H75 Plus). The new upright vacuum cleaners are excellent and value for the money. The best offer for vacuum cleaners is available on official stores of Ali express. Both the vacuum cleaners will available with two years of warranty. 
Features of iLife H75 and iLife H75 Plus:
The H75 and H75 Plus are the latest cordless upright vacuum cleaners. They are largely similar to their predecessor: the iLife H70, a review of which can be found here.
 First, a little explanation of the name that many people have doubts about: is it Easine or iLife? Well, iLife has so far been known mainly for its cleaning robots and is associated with these devices, but recently it has also been successfully developing its line of vertical vacuum cleaners. The mentioned line of vacuum cleaners is called Easine. So Easine is not another manufacturer, but the name of this series of devices. This is why the individual vacuum cleaners are named both iLife and Easine or Easine by iLife.
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How are the iLife H75 and H75 Plus vacuum cleaners different? Well, nothing: it is the same vacuum cleaner, while the term “Plus” means an additional (spare) battery/accumulator.
In short, when you order the iLife H75, you only get an iLife H75 Vacuum Cleaner Kit with one (basic) battery, and when you order the iLife H75 Plus version, you get an iLife H75 Vacuum Cleaner Kit with two batteries.
The latter option is the manufacturer’s response to the considerable interest in additional batteries in the case of the previous model. A lot of people like to have the comfort of vacuuming longer without having to wait for recharging. Still, others feared the loss of battery capacity over time.
ILife H75 parameters
Now let’s focus on what is most important in cordless upright vacuum cleaners

Max suction power: 22 kPa (standard: 10 kPa)
working time on one battery: up to 45 minutes in standard mode, up to 15 minutes in max
dust container capacity: 1.3 litres
In my opinion, these three parameters are the most important if you plan to compare devices of this type by only numbers. Other features of the vacuum cleaner can be no less important, but their assessment is largely subjective because it depends on individual needs and taste.

Robust electric brush
If you primarily care about vacuuming floors, a large electric brush will be important. The one in the H75 model looks much more solid than in the cheaper predecessor.

It is also worth noting that the electric brush also has very practical LED lights that facilitate cleaning under the furniture:
In addition, the set includes 2 interchangeable rollers for the electric brush: one of them works better on carpets, and the other on hard surfaces.
In addition, the set includes 2 smaller suction cups for various applications:

Probably many of you will now be wondering whether it is better to choose this model or its predecessor – the H70. In my opinion, the iLife H75 is now a better vacuum cleaner. The individual parameters are indeed similar (although the H75 is a bit better here), but most of all I would choose this model because of the cooler electric brush, which has larger rollers than those in the cheaper iLife H70.

Remember that you can buy all iLife devices on Aliexpress in the official iLife store. Even though there is information about the 12-month warranty in several places. Customers from the European Union have it extended to 24 months (if you read well in the offer on the product page, you will find this information) The equipment is shipped from a Polish warehouse (unless it has sold out because it happens from time to time). And the service centre is located in Spain. So there is no fear that you have to send anything to China, etc. The shipping costs are borne by the seller, so don’t worry.
iLife H75/H75 Plus vacuum cleaner now for just $106.66XiaomiToday Best Deals
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iLife H75 and iLife H75 Plus handheld vacuum cleaner launched

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