ILIFE V8 Plus Vacuum Cleaner For Just $186.57 [Lowest Price]

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ILIFE V8 Plus Vacuum Cleaner For Just $186.57 [Lowest Price]

The ILIFE V8 Plus Vacuum Cleaner is for you. This series of robot vacuum cleaners clean your house in a systematic way by means of the gyroscope navigation system. A laser on the robot ‘reads’ the room and determines the most efficient route through the room; around furniture. Demarcate the cleaning area with a virtual wall; a special box that creates an invisible barrier that the robot cannot pass.
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In front of the front cover, there is a built-in control panel in the form of a segment display and five mechanical buttons for selecting modes, programming a delayed start, turning on, and returning the robot to the charging station. On the front side, the body is covered with a traditional soft-touch bumper with an oblong tinted window for IR sensors and a rubber shock absorber that protects polished furniture and mirrors from contact with hard parts of the vacuum cleaner body.
Mopping function
The ILIFE V8 Plus robotic vacuum cleaner can not only thoroughly vacuum, but also wipe the floor thanks to the built-in mapping function. The device with such wide functionality will help users in tedious housework and will comprehensively ensure a clean floor. A vacuum cleaner with the mopping option will remove dust and dirt wet and dry, it can easily deal with dried stains and mud.
Dust Collector
In addition, the iLife V8 Plus is equipped with a fairly spacious 750 ml dust collector. This is enough for several cleaning cycles if the condition of the housing is not “working” and we are talking about maintaining daily cleanliness. The dust collector can be replaced with a water tank so that the robot can also do wet cleaning. The water tank holds 300 ml, which is enough for a complete cleaning cycle.
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Thus, the iLife V8 Plus robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a navigation gyroscope. This allows him to effectively clean up to 80 sq.m. Although, according to the manufacturer, in conditions close to ideal, the robot is able to clean rooms up to 150 square meters with a single charge. The presence of a gyroscope allows the  V8 Plus to orient itself more precisely in space and to move in a zigzag pattern. Thanks to this movement, the robot leaves virtually no missing areas, passing through the entire available area.
The longer it is, the larger the area they can clean. The ILIFE V8 Plus vacuum cleaner can work for up to 120 minutes when its battery is fully charged – that’s long enough to vacuum a large apartment or house, and thus the entire vacuuming process will be faster and more convenient.
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Where To Buy
ILIFE V8 Plus Vacuum Cleaner is now available on Aliexpress For Just $186.57 on Flash sale. Click the following button for order now:
Buy ILIFE V8 Plus at $186.57 on Aliexpress

ILIFE V8 Plus Vacuum Cleaner For Just $186.57 [Lowest Price]

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