INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor Now on Sale at $529.99 with $170 OFF

The number of people working from home is increasing due to remote work progressing with the implementation of work style reforms. The amount of information handled by ICT, which spreads even when the workplace changes, is enormous compared to the past. Even with highly portable mobile devices, when it comes to working at home, the number of people using external monitors that can display more information at once seems to be on the rise. Recently, various technologies have been developed and installed, and products with excellent cost performance that cannot be compared with those of the past have been announced. Recently. INNOCN launched 27-inch 4K Monitor “27M2U” with the latest technology such as MiniLED and DisplayHDR 1000 standard and is a high-performance monitor that allows you to enjoy more realistic images.
The new INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor is now available on Amazon at $529.99 with up to an extra $70 OFF Discount for Prime users.
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INNOCN 27M2UWhat is MiniLED TechnologyWhat is DisplayHDR 1000?

This INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED USB-C Port Monitor uses a 27-inch 4K resolution MiniLED technology backlight IPS panel and has 384 south-area backlights composed of 2,304 low-loss LEDs. The display supports HDR1000 technology and has a maximum brightness of 1000 Lance, which can bring a more realistic aesthetic. In addition, the built-in sunlight sensor can intelligently adjust the brightness of the screen by grasping the changes of the photocell, which is convenient and more radiation-proof.

As a professional IPS display, INNOCN 27M2U has a color gamut coverage area of ??100% sRGB, 99% DCI-P3, and 99% AdobeRGB. It has good color reproduction ability, which can fully meet the requirements of users to design graphics, Exif, middle and late graphics, and other professional fields of organization work. Therefore, each monitor is calibrated in the professional field before delivery, so that the display has a professional field color standard of Delta E

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