JingPad A1 Linux Tablet PC released: 11-inch 2K+ screen

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JingPad A1 Linux Tablet PC released: 11-inch 2K+ screen

After launching the world’s first ARM-based Linux distribution designed for tablets-JingOS, the  manufacturer JINGLING recently launched the first tablet computer pre-installed with the system- JingPad A1. This is an 11-inch tablet with optional stylus and separate keyboard accessories, and supports 4G/5G cellular networks.

The biggest difference from other mainstream tablets is that JingPad A1 is equipped with a Linux distribution customized by Whale Technology, and provides a touch-friendly user interface inspired by iOS and Android. More importantly, under the beautiful user interface, it is basically a Linux distribution, which means you should be able to run desktop programs as well as mobile applications.

In terms of design, JingPad A1 takes the back glass as an example, using Corning Gorilla Glass, which represents a standard of excellence.
JingPad A1 brings the first 11-inch AMOLED 266PPI screen to the Linux world, with 2368×1728 physical pixels. The large screen has an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio of nearly 90%. NTSC 109% wide color gamut and true color technology make the screen more beautiful.
The 4:3 screen format is designed to accommodate certain types of use, such as reading books and magazines, browsing the web, and using productivity applications. When you use productivity applications (such as word processors or presentation programs), a 4:3 screen will be better no matter which orientation you use.

JingPad A1 is equipped with 5G/4G chips. A 5G ultimate mobile workstation comes to the Linux world. According to the official, not every country and region supports 5G/4G. The carrier support report will be released before June 2021.
Using JingPad keyboard with perfect touchpad, it is easy to change JingPad A1 from a tablet computer to a Linux notebook. The JingPad keyboard is inspired by the Apple iPad Magic Keyboard. It is a full-size 6-row keyboard, only for productivity.
JingPad A1 also produced the first 4096-level pressure stylus for the Linux world, called JingPad Pencil. With JingPad Pencil, you can draw your ideas and sign your documents anytime, anywhere.
Operating System:
With the support of JingOS, you can run Android applications on JingPad. You can use Netflix, Disney+, YouTube to watch movies, play PUBG and other games. Listen to your favorite music on Spotify or YouTube Music.
With the support of JingOS, you can run Linux applications on JingPad A1. When the keyboard is plugged in, you can have the best experience to run Linux desktop applications, such as WPS Office, Terminal, VS Code, Telegram, etc.
With JingPad, developers can now code anytime, anywhere.
* Since JingPad A1 is an ARM-based device, not all development tools can support it perfectly.
JingPad A1 has a thickness of 6.7mm and a weight of less than 500g. Equipped with a large 8000mAh battery, it lasts up to 10 hours, allowing you to use it all day.
Where to JingPad A1 Tablet?

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JingPad A1 Linux Tablet PC released: 11-inch 2K+ screen

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