JMGO Smart Wall O1 projector launched with 27cm projection distance

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JMGO Smart Wall O1 projector launched with 27cm projection distance

Today on April 19, 2021, a Chinese manufacturer of projectors, JMGO, held an event to announce its new upcoming projector JMGO Smart Wall O1 Projector. This will be a close-range device that will come with innovative projection technology developed by JMGO.
Features of JMGO Smart Wal O1 Projector:
Are you living in a small apartment or suffering to get a projector for your small room? If yes, then JMGO is going to surprise you with its new series of projectors. The Smart Wall O1 is a new category from a company that does not need more place from the screen to adjust. The new projector will only require 27cm of place. With this space, the projector can project the image of traditional projectors.

JMGO comes with a new design for the projector with a lot of improvements. With the inspiration from the arc of the runway projector and the color scheme of moonlight, it brings a minimalist design style. The projector uses the technology of Ultra Short throw technology. The projection ratio of the projector is 0.25:1. If we look at the traditional projectors, the ratio is generally 1.2:1. So to get an 80-inch screen projection user can place the projector about 27cm away from the wall.
Among all the JMGO projectors, the JMGO Smart Wall O1 comes with the highest coverage color gamut. It comes with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. It took about and year to engineers to ensure the image quality and reduce projection distance.
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The new JMGO Smart Wall O1 projector comes with a colour temperature sensor. This sensor adjusts the color temperature for different coloured walls. The projector comes with the MediaTek MT9669 Chip. The chip will realise the intelligent noise reduction and support the high dynamic range imaging.

JMGO has partnered with the Dynaudio for Speakers. The projector comes with two 7W speakers featuring four customised sound effect modes, i.e., Event, Music modes, movie, and standard.
For optimisation of optical and mechanical design, imaging standard formulation, the company is teaming up with Leica.
JMGO Smart Wall O1 Projector Price:
The starting price of the JMGO Smart Wall O1 Projector is about $598. The product will be available to purchase on April 29.

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JMGO Smart Wall O1 projector launched with 27cm projection distance

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