KUU Lebook pro laptop released and available to purchase

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KUU Lebook pro laptop released and available to purchase

What is more valuable is KUU’s emphasis on user feedback. After KUU released Lebook last year, some users gave feedback on keyboard and fan noise problems. Therefore, on the KUU Lebook Pro released this year, KUU quickly fixed these problems and brought a slight upgrade. Is this KUU Lebook Pro satisfactory? Please have a look! 
Lebook Pro mainly upgraded the screen resolution from the visible parameters, doubled the memory, and replaced the hard disk with faster reading and writing speed. Still, the more critical improvements can not stop there. 

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About KUU Lebook pro:Ultra-light body, integrated design Keyboard:KUU Lebook Pro Processor:2.5K good screen, worry-free touch Long endurance, no worries about travel KUU Lebook Pro BatteryKUU Lebook Pro Summary
About KUU Lebook pro:
First of all, to solve the problem of unreliable adsorption of the previous generation keyboard, Lebook Pro added attractive magnets. It improved the design of the joint, so it achieved the same effect as the Surface keyboard. In addition, the monotonous blue keyboard of the previous generation has been replaced by a more attractive gray keyboard, which is suitable for most people. 
For the problem of fan noise, KUU added a silent fan and improved the cooling strategy, thus effectively reducing the fan noise. As for a few users’ reactions, such as rough shells and scratches, KUU achieved better body texture by improving the process. 
Finally, the newly upgraded Windows 11 system brings a more stable system experience and more prosperous functions to the computer. In a word, this Lebook Pro has learned from many users’ feedback and targeted improvements, showing how much KUU attaches importance to users’ feedback and experience. 
Ultra-light body, integrated design 
Similar to the Surface series, Lebook Pro adopts the design of a 2-in-1 tablet. With the keyboard, it is no different from a conventional notebook computer. It is worth mentioning that the keyboard material uses Italian Alcantara material, which is usually used in luxury goods and sports car interiors. It not only has an outstanding hand-feel outstanding.

After removing the magnetic keyboard, Lebook Pro turns into a portable tablet, unlocking more office postures. Sitting on the sofa, on the bed, on the subway, on the plane, with the adjustable angle bracket behind the computer, people can take it out to work and watch videos anytime and anywhere.
Because it needs to be carried out frequently, the 2-in-1 notebook usually needs a more muscular body. To this end, KUU used the industry’s top CNC integrated molding process at a high manufacturing cost. This process made Lebook Pro more textured and made the body extremely strong, so there was no need to worry about the extrusion of luggage. From this point of view, KUU is better than Surface, made of magnesium alloy. 
Due to the limitation of design and size, the performance of a 2-in-1 laptop is usually relatively mediocre, but KUU Lebook Pro still has an exemplary performance configuration. 
KUU Lebook Pro Processor:
The processor of Le Pro is Intel Core i7-8550U, which adopts a quad-core and eight-thread design and belongs to the KabyLake Refresh family. The highest turbo frequency is 4GHz, the standard frequency is 1.8GHz, and it has 8MB of cache. Although it is not the latest generation processor, its all-around performance and power consumption are impressive, and it can fully meet the needs of daily office study. After all, Lebook Pro is positioned for mobile office study rather than games and entertainment.  
In addition to the processor, KUU’s cost performance is also reflected in the memory and hard disk capacity. This time, Lebook Pro is upgraded to the configuration of 16GB DDR4 memory +512GB solid-state disk, which can be used for almost all daily study and office tasks. Considering that the 2-in-1 notebook can’t upgrade memory, the service life of the Lebook Pro will be much longer than that of 8+128GB computers. 

2.5K good screen, worry-free touch 
Part of the screen, Lebook Pro still has nothing to do with, it uses a 12.6-inch touch screen, and the screen resolution has been upgraded to 2880*1440, which is a standard 2.5K screen. With highly narrow borders on all sides, this screen can show precise and delicate picture quality, whether it is an office or audio-visual entertainment.  
In addition, the screen also uses a complete fit process. Compared with laptops with non-full fit screens, the lebook Pro allows users to see the screen outdoors without annoying “screen reflection.” The 178-degree broad perspective can be seen clearly from the side when watching the screen content with others.   

As a two-in-one laptop, the screen of the lebook Pro also supports ten touches. This means that people can touch as they like in tablet mode, and the response is quite sensitive. 
More importantly, the screen also supports a capacitive pen, and a capacitive pen is included in the package. With this capacitive pen, users can use it to write notes or even graffiti at any time without missing every trace of inspiration. If people choose Surface, it is the higher price of the computer itself and the need to spend a lot of money to buy an additional stylus to cooperate with it. It can be seen that Lebook Pro does have better cost performance.         
Long endurance, no worries about travel 
Although the configuration of performance, screen, etc., is critical, the daily experience is more important. As a 2-in-1 notebook that needs long-term mobile use, KUU Lebook Pro has also done a lot of targeted optimization. 

First, it is particularly critical to carry it out for long-term use. The endurance is about 5-6 hours for routine office use, and the most extended endurance can be up to 12 hours. It is entirely manageable for business travel. 
KUU Lebook Pro Battery
Of course, besides battery life, charging is also critical. KUU Lebook Pro supports the current mainstream PD charging, which means that a PD charger can handle people’s mobile phones, computers, headphones, and most other digital devices. It is easier to travel without heavy computer adapters. 
It is necessary to talk about its interface when it comes to charging. In order to give consideration to both use and beauty, the whole body of the KUU lebook Pro is only equipped with two type-C interfaces, which are similar to that of the MacBook. Fortunately, both interfaces are fully functional, which can charge quickly and carry out high-speed file transmission, external display, and so on. In short, there will be no obstacles to use. 
Moreover, fingerprint recognition supported by Lebook Pro means a faster and more convenient unlocking experience for users who care about security. It means that people can unlock at one touch in any scene without worrying about password leakage.
KUU Lebook Pro Summary
For office workers who need to turn on their computers for office work anytime, anywhere, and students who watch online classes, the two-in-one notebook computer is undoubtedly a better choice than the gamebook, comprehensive book, and desktop host computer. 
In the two-in-one notebook, compared with Surface, the lebook Pro has many performance configurations and more extensive storage configuration, and top artistry. Moreover, this lebook Pro is a version that fully listens to users’ voices and improves the defects of the previous generation one by one. The actual user experience is quite excellent. Combined with its relatively great price ($809), the lebook Pro is undoubtedly the representative of “high-cost performance” in a two-in-one notebook.

So if people plan to buy a high-quality portable laptop, KUU lebook Pro will be a perfect choice. 
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KUU Lebook pro laptop released and available to purchase

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