Lenovo QT81 TWS Bluetooth earbuds now available for just $10.60

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Lenovo QT81 TWS Bluetooth earbuds now available for just $10.60

Lenovo continues to offer us quality and branded TWS headphones full of style and state-of-the-art technology, as far as possible, of course, given their cost. Because I do not think anyone expects to listen to opera and be left with their mouths open by headphones which cost only $15.99. On the contrary, we expect sound quality and construction materials along with possibilities far above the money we will give to obtain them. And there Lenovo I do not think will disappoint us. Its new headphones are the  Lenovo QT81  and they are not exactly lice, since they come in easily and sit well in the ear, but they also have the “swab” to stand out.

Features of Lenovo QT81 earbuds:
They are beautiful and in combination with IPX4 waterproofing do not be afraid to wear them when it is raining outside or while exercising in the gym.
Lenovo claims that they can do a very good job of gaming with your mobile phone (and not only) since the latency, the delay in response, is very small.
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Another very powerful feature is that you can define which of the two will be the master headset and which the second (slave). Something I do not remember ever seeing in such a price category headphones.
Of course, they have Bluetooth 5.0 for reliability, stable connection to your devices and low overall consumption.
And speaking of consumption, let’s say that due to the “cotton swab” the headphones have a slightly larger battery than others of their kind, with each of the  Lenovo QT81 having a 40mAh battery inside.
The new Lenovo QT81 earbuds comes with the HUGE battery of  1200mAh of their case. You can have them with you and charge them to reach their autonomy up to  30 hours!

But on their own, with the 40mAh battery, they can withstand up to  5 hours of music which is again a great number.

Apart from beauty, the case also offers us usability, as there is a  triple battery indicator: one for the percentage of the case, one for the right and one for the left headset!
Sound Quality:
This way you will know at a glance which headset is ready to pick up and listen to your favourite music/station etc.
Of course, if you wear both Lenovo QT81 together, then you will have enjoyable stereo sound and HD calls to talk clearly with the other person on the line.
The icing on the cake is the touch button, to have a uniform style on Lenovo headphones.

They are one of the most beautiful TWS headphones we have seen lately, while their cost is impressively low since in the offer of Banggood you will make them yours with $18.45
Lenovo QT81 TWS Earbuds now available for $10.99XiaomiToday Best Deals
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Lenovo QT81 TWS Bluetooth earbuds now available for just $10.60

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