LOKMAT APPLLP 6-A rugged looking Android OS smartwatch. The price is also low

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LOKMAT APPLLP 6-A rugged looking Android OS smartwatch. The price is also low

Chinese manufacturer LOKMAT has released the smartwatch “LOKMAT APPLLP 6” equipped with Android OS. A while ago, I posted an introductory article about a product called ” APPLLP 7 “, and from the model number, I think, “Isn’t APPLLP 6 released earlier?” It seems that “APPLLP 7 comes first, APPLLEP 6 comes later” when it starts to be sold at the LOKMAT Official Store on AliExpress.
APPLLP 6 and APPLLP 7 have similar model numbers, but they look very different. APPLLP 6 has an aggressive design that makes me think, “Isn’t it a little overkill?”

Table of Contents

1. LOKMAT APPLLP 6 specs2. LOKMAT APPLLP 6 chassis3. LOKMAT APPLLP 6 Price etc.4. Related links
1. LOKMAT APPLLP 6 specs
Spec table


Android 9




1.6 inches (400 x 400)

LTE band
FDD: B1/3/5/8
TDD: B38/39/40/41

Nano SIM

802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.2 (both estimated)

Input / output


830 mAh

Body: 58 x 58 x 18 mm, bandwidth 22 mm

85 g

Variation model
The OS is Android 9. As far as I know, the latest OS version of a smartwatch with Android OS is “10”, so it is the previous version. Due to the highly customized UI of products in this genre, Android 12 and even Android 11-equipped machines have not yet appeared.
The CPU SCL8541E “cannot get any information”. I thought UNISOC made it from the model number, and when I searched the UNISOC website, I found the model number ” SC8541E “. There is no certainty that it is the same as the SCL8541E, but if it is the SC8541E, it is ” almost the same specifications as the SC9832E (a performance that does not reach 100,000 points even with Antutu Ver.9)”. Well, in the case of an OS-equipped smartwatch, the extremely small display size becomes a bottleneck for operability, so I don’t think there is any particular problem with specifications like this.
There are two types of RAM and storage: 2GB / 16GB and 4GB / 64GB. I want to avoid 2GB / 16GB for smartphones, but for smartwatches with an OS, there are restrictions on the introduction of apps, and it is hard to think of how to store a large number of images and videos, so I think 2GB / 16GB is okay.

The display is 1.6 inches, and the resolution is 400 x 400. It’s a standard Android OS smartwatch, and at this resolution, some Google Play apps won’t start or work properly. Also, it is virtually impossible to play sound games or FPS games of this size.
This product is characterized by the camera part and is “rotary”. As I will explain in the next section, “Case”, one camera (lens) can play the role of in-camera and out-camera on a smartphone. Recently, some Android OS-equipped smartwatches are equipped with multiple cameras or a camera with a high pixel count of 13MP, but 5MP is a “well normal” pixel count, and a commemorative photo is taken. It is not suitable for shooting where image quality is important.
2. LOKMAT APPLLP 6 chassis

This is the view from the front. Smartwatches with toughness housing are also popular in Japan, but even so, it’s a rugged design.

You can also see the camera lens at the top. This is a “rotary camera”.

The left side of this image is where you “raised” the camera, and you can take selfies or video chat in this state. It’s an in-camera on your smartphone. On the other hand, the camera is “laid down” on the right side, and in this state, it can be used like an out-camera of a smartphone; for example, you can take a snapshot.
Also, there are “black” and “green” in the housing color, but it seems that the color of the band part is only different.

A POGO pin and SIM tray are on the back for data transmission and charging. Also, you can see the letters “TAIPLE SENSOR” on the left side of the main unit, but “TAIPLE” cannot be translated into Japanese. I don’t think it’s in English. Therefore, I only know “some sensor” w

The size is like this. Especially the thickness is amazing. Surprisingly, there was no explanation for this product’s waterproof/dustproof standards such as “IP67” or durability such as “MIL standard-compliant”. It looks “super tough” by all means, but it seems that there is a high possibility that it is tinsel.
Also, there is one more point to note. On the product page of AliExpress, there was an explanation that “The clock cannot be connected to the smartphone (there is no clock app for the clock). It does not work on mobile phones.” A smartwatch with Android OS can do the same as a smartphone by itself, but on the contrary, like other smartwatches, you can also view data such as heart rate and save data with an application using a smartphone as a mother ship. I can do it. However, this product does not have a compatible smartphone app and can only be used alone.
3. LOKMAT APPLLP 6 Price etc.
LOKMAT APPLLP 6 is on sale on the Chinese online shopping site “Banggood” and “LOKMAT Official Store” on AliExpress.  The 4GB / 64GB version is $ 156.99. This price is based on the “$ 3 OFF for orders over $ 99” coupon on the product page.

An Android OS-equipped smartwatch with a very rugged appearance. On the other hand, in terms of functionality, there is nothing particularly noticeable except for the rotary camera, and I think the negative point is that it cannot be linked with smartphones. Also, I’m a little worried that there is no mention of waterproof, dustproof, and durable performance in this appearance. However, the price is quite low for a smartwatch with Android OS. It may be an interesting product for people who want to enter from the appearance.
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LOKMAT APPLLP 6-A rugged looking Android OS smartwatch. The price is also low

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