Magic Leap 2 AR Headset Expansive 70-Degree Field Of View

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Magic Leap 2 AR Headset Expansive 70-Degree Field Of View

The upcoming Magic Leap 2 AR headset has new technology like the Apple VR glasses and augmented reality headset. This latest tech is the dimming capabilities and a 70-degree field of view for expansive digital space. Also, these best AR headset are lightweight and improved for the enterprise. So, these can now support Defence, Health, Manufacturing, and more. Plus, there is a smart wireless handheld controller for this Smart Eyewear. Two cameras with sensors built-in the wireless remote for better accuracy. Moreover, you can use hands tracking motion without a controller. Thus, these new augmented reality goggles offer a lot to enhance productivity, manufacturing, or performing health surgeries.

What more do we know about the Magic Leap 2 AR headset?
There is a new dimming technology that transitions to VR from AR. So, you feel only the VR presence. Therefore, a more immersive virtual experience for enterprise, manufacturing, and medical practices. Plus, the wider field of view, 70-degree, ergonomic design, and lightweight helps to use with extreme comfort. This latest augmented reality headset has a wireless remote with camera sensors and a trigger. Thus, it can transform training, medical surgeries, and more. Plus, it has hand gestures to control. However, these new augmented reality goggles are a mix of AR and VR. These Apple VR glasses lookalike AR headsets are focused on enterprise use. It will use Android operating system.

Dynamic Dimming: What is this new technology?
The Magic Leap 2 AR headset can make the digital content stand out. So, this augmented reality headset will dim the user’s vision to near things. Also, the user can tweak the glasses by using sliders for dimming real-world light from 22% to just 0.3%. Thus, you can focus on the digital content and space better. The medical staff and surgeons can also use it in a fully lit room. There is an AMD-based processor, which the company claims perform better than the Nvidia.

Price and Availability
This latest best AR headset will be available soon with a price of around 2,300 USD to 2,500 USD. The Magic Leap 2 AR headset release date is not confirmed yet. However, it is expected in the third quarter of 2022.

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Magic Leap 2 AR Headset Expansive 70-Degree Field Of View

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