Midea M7 Pro Robot vacuum cleaner now available at just $429.99

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Midea M7 Pro Robot vacuum cleaner now available at just $429.99

May 24, 2021, the Midea Group of companies launches the new Midea M7 Pro Robot vacuum Cleaner yesterday in China. Midea Group is the largest producer of various products for your household. The product is available to purchase now from Ali-express at a price of $429.99.
Features of Midea M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner:
The new robot vacuum cleaner helps you to mop and sweep the floor. With the 4000Pa strong suction, you get the dual brushes with a pump. This strong power comes from the Nidec BLDC Japanese motor. A strong suction motor will allow you to gather all the debris from the floor. The roller brush and suction will help you clean your floor with 94% efficiency. You can now collect the debris, dust, hairs, beans and food particles from the floor in a 450ml dust box.

Removing all the strains of coffee and ketchup, the Midea vacuum cleaner will leave you the shiny and clean floor behind. This machine with 500 vibrations leaves you behind the clean and shiny floor with no dust left.
The noise reduction sponge and special absorption design will help to reduce the noise. With very less shaking we get the noise as low as 65dB. Also, you can reduce the noise using the silent mode. This mode is the no disturb mode; you can use the robot to clean your place with no noise.
Midea M7 Pro Robot vacuum cleaner uses fifth-gen laser technology. This technology will scan all your place using the 3000Hz frequency sending data to MSmart Life app. Then it constructs the house map to create an idea to clean your place. Also, you can create your pathway to clean your place and set the special area to focus on.

Another feature you get in the vacuum cleaner is its ability to climb about 2.2cm. So, now your vacuum cleaner can cross the thresholds separation of your room without damaging itself. With the small design, the vacuum cleaner can easily go under your sofa and bed to clean.
The 5200mAh battery will allow it to work about 3 hours continuously on a single charge. Also, after one round of cleaning it charges itself returning to the dock station.
The new Midea M7 Pro Robot vacuum cleaner is now available for $330. The device is available in these countries: Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Poland and Italy.
Here is the coupon code is given below and notes the sale starts today.

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Midea M7 Pro available at just $429.99XiaomiToday Best Deals

Midea M7 Pro Robot vacuum cleaner now available at just $429.99

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