Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill Now At $339.99| Best Deal

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Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill Now At $339.99| Best Deal

Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill 30L a completely new kitchen equipment from Xiaomi, this will be a reasonable choice to help effectively support the cooking job while saving time and effort. .

Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Specs:
Product dimensions
506 x 460 x 388mm
Rated volume
Steaming capacity
Baking capacity
Rated voltage
Rated frequency
Wireless Connectivity
Wifi-IEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz
Advantages Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill
In addition to the ability to steam and grill, the Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 30L is also equipped with additional functions such as air frying, drying, stew and fermentation, … Besides, the design of the oven is quite modern, the volume up to 30L but still compact and convenient. Therefore, for the housewives, this will be a powerful assistant, supporting a variety of dishes quickly and conveniently while still retaining the delicious taste.
Multifunctional for all dishes
Regarding the steaming function, the Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill is equipped with a 1200W high-capacity steam vent that can rapidly generate steam in 30 seconds, rapidly steam all foods in 120 minutes with the ability to control the amount of steam. Steam and smart timing. Meanwhile, traditional steamer usually take more than 5 minutes to boil the water and need to be monitored regularly to avoid burning. Therefore, with outstanding improvements, the Mijia steamer will help users easily make delicious steamed dishes while saving time and effort.
For the grill function, the oven is equipped with a 1450W high capacity grill tube hidden behind, accompanied by a large 12cm rotating fan that distributes heat evenly throughout the oven cavity 360 degrees. From there, the roasting effect is even, faster and more golden brown.
In addition, under the influence of hot air circulation, the Mijia oven can also be turned into a large capacity oil-free fryer , reducing the amount of fat in food while retaining the crispness and aroma.
In addition to the baking and steaming function, the oven also supports many extended functions such as slow stew, fruit drying, fermentation, … Since then, with just 1 oven, Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill . Users can flexibly process a variety of different dishes, enrich family meals while ensuring delicious taste, full of nutrition.
Flexible structure, easy to clean
Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill is equipped with a 1.2L bottom water tank that can be pulled out flexibly to add water during the steaming process. The water path structure is optimized and gives the longest evaporation time up to 120 minutes, meeting the need for steaming in the long run.
In particular, the water filter box is filled with water softeners, effectively filters calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reduces water hardness, … with the aim of eliminating scaling problems. 5 cleaning modes help users to easily clean oil and residue quickly and simply.

Modern design, intelligent customization
In terms of design, the Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 smart oven and grill has a fairly compact structure, suitable for all kitchen spaces of users. The volume of the oven is equipped up to 30L , fully meeting all cooking needs with a large amount of food. The inside of the oven chamber is machined from 304 stainless steel, which is in safe contact with food, and is easily cleaned by oil spills or water stains during cooking.
The integrated OLED control knob makes it easy for users to control the cooking temperature and time, while reminding water and displaying the cooking mode clearly and intuitively.
3-layer insulated doors using Low-E low-radiation insulated glass can effectively reduce heat radiation in the oven chamber while keeping the outside temperature more safe for users.
Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill can also intelligently connect to the App Mijia, which supports up to 50 smart recipes, helping users to refer and diversify their dishes. At the same time, on the App, users can easily customize the temperature, time and control the furnace more flexibly and quickly.

Where to buy Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill?
Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

Buy The Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill on Banggood for $117.12XiaomiToday Best Deals
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Mijia MZKXD01ACM-MZ01 Smart Grill Now At $339.99| Best Deal

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