Motorola Edge X30 SE to launch on March 17

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Motorola Edge X30 SE to launch on March 17

March 9, 2022, the General Manager of Lenovo, Magic Jingee, Motorola, announced something new today at 10:00 AM. And today, the GM announced the new smartphone Motorola Edge X30 SE. The news about the smartphone is that company will launch it on March 17. 
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About Motorola Edge X30 SE:
About Motorola Edge X30 SE:
The general Manager only revealed the smartphone along with the launch date. Yet there is no information on the specs and more details about the smartphone. From the past leaks from Magic King, we see the poster of the new smartphone with the off-screen version of Moto Edge X30. And this is what we believe will be the new smartphone, called Motorola Edge X30 Screen Edition. 

Note: The smartphone will be a lower model from Edge X30 and will be available to purchase from March 17. 

 According to @Magic Jingge previously revealed that the hardware of the moto edge X30 screen has been OK, and a new round of algorithm debugging has been carried out on the mobile phone. “Although everyone knows or can understand the weaknesses of off-screen selfies, we still hope to be better in higher-frequency daily applications, such as face recognition and video chat.”

He said, “Motorola’s algorithm debugging is progressing very smoothly at present, and the recognition accuracy has surpassed all similar models currently on the market. The engineers are still more confident! I also plan to launch a little surprise for everyone, and it is worth watching. “
 This new machine is likely to be the lower version of the Moto edge X30 screen from this point of view.
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Motorola Edge X30 SE to launch on March 17

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