Mpow M30 Plus TWS Earbuds For Just $26.53 [Coupon Deal]

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Mpow M30 Plus TWS Earbuds For Just $26.53 [Coupon Deal]

The Mpow M30 Plus headphones are perfect for anyone who wants to listen to music while doing sports. Because the 25 hours of running time are completely sufficient to be able to devote yourself extensively to the sport and also to these headphones.
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The Mpow M30 Plus are also very good to the touch – except when you want to take the earbuds out of the case. Here the gripping surface is too flat to be able to grip the earbuds properly. You can get the earbuds out of the case without any problems, but it could be that you slip off with slightly wet hands. Even if MPOW always comes up with something different to change the look, this model also looks very convincing.
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The Mpow M30Plus comes with all the technical subtleties that sports headphones need. Bluetooth 5.0 for a fast and energy-saving connection to the smartphone and great sound, IPX8 certification for protection against sweat and rain, a USB-C charging case for extended battery life and touch-sensitive pushbuttons. The weather is perfect, you put on the right clothes and then you find out that your Bluetooth headphones are empty.
This cannot happen to you with the M30 Plus as sports headphones, because the device delivers up to 25 hours of battery life thanks to the included case. Without the case, the earbuds have a pure battery life of up to five hours, which is also acceptable. You even ran a marathon without having to do without music.

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The look, feel and sound quality of the MPOW M30 Plus Earbuds are once again extremely good. I think the price of the earbuds is perfectly okay. I find it a little strange that the earbuds connect immediately when you open the case. But you can get used to that too.
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Where To Buy
Mpow M30 Plus TWS Earbuds is now available on Aliexpress For Just $26.53 on Flash sale. Click the following button for order now:
Buy Mpow M30 Plus at $26.53 on Aliexpress

Mpow M30 Plus TWS Earbuds For Just $26.53 [Coupon Deal]

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