Nubia C1 TWS Earbuds launched in China with 40 hours battery life

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Nubia C1 TWS Earbuds launched in China with 40 hours battery life

On January 24, 2022, Nubia, a Chinese manufacturer well-known for gaming handsets and earphones, also offered some non-gaming accessories. The company has come up with its new Nubia C1 TWS earbuds with a semi-in-ear design. The company launches the buds in China, and we might get the global version of these buds soon. 

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Features of Nubia C1 TWS Earbuds:
Features of Nubia C1 TWS Earbuds:
The headset adopts the enhanced version of Bluetooth 5.3, built-in 13mm large moving coil composite diaphragm, and has an extended battery life of more than 40 hours.

There is only one earphone and charger in the packaging paper, and a silicone protective case is also included.
The Nubia New Sound C1 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset adopts a minimalist line design, looks delicate and slim, and uses the Morandi color system. There are three color options: cyan, blue, and white, but we only got white and blue colors.

This earphone adopts a semi-in-ear ergonomic design, which fits the ear’s natural curve and takes into account both comfort and conformity. Officially, it can bring a near-zero wearing experience.
The design of the battery compartment is similar to the shape and texture of cobblestones. The appearance is small and round, and the lines are very comfortable.

In terms of audio, the headset is equipped with a 13mm moving coil unit and uses a high-elastic PU composite diaphragm.

The Nubia C1 true wireless headset has a battery life of 8 hours. It is equipped with a 400-mAh charging compartment, providing an additional 32 hours of battery life. The product supports IPX4 waterproof and dust-proof.
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You may not be able to tell the size of this headset on the plane. Now we have invited the male model of IT House – Zhengzheng, to demonstrate it for everyone!

In general, Nubia has achieved a younger look this time. The Nubia C1 TWS earbuds are more in line with the aesthetics of young people, and they are very small, with a minimalist style. The appearance has also been rounded to match the semi-in-ear wearing method. , Wearing the ear will not get stuck; thanks to the lightweight body design, there will be no foreign body sensation after wearing it for a long time.
It is worth mentioning that this Nubia headset supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3 protocol, which is more energy-efficient, supports larger memory, and has a two-way communication rate that is 50% higher than that of Bluetooth 5.0. Also, while gaming yu can switch to the low-latency mode as low as 60ms.

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Nubia C1 TWS Earbuds launched in China with 40 hours battery life

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