One Plus 9 and One Plus 9 Pro finally launched: Check Specs here

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One Plus 9 and One Plus 9 Pro finally launched: Check Specs here

The new mobile phones of OnePlus were presented in all their glory today, a little while ago, with the duration of the presentation (of all products) exceeding one hour! Here we will see the  first OnePlus 9 and One Plus 9 Pro. Although in practice the leaks in the previous period had given us a very clear picture of them.
However, it is worth seeing all there features again in one text, in order to have something in the future, when the first coupons from Banggood will come.
Of course the biggest topic of discussion for these OnePlus phones is the collaboration of the manufacturer with a legend in the field of photography,  Hasselblad !
Of course we must remember that this collaboration – at least for now – does not translate into work on mobile hardware, but only on software. But that will change little by little.
Features of One Plus 9 and 9 Pro:
The flagship of OnePlus has the latest Sony IMX789 sensor  as its main “weapon” while it is framed by the  IMX766 which in other models is a basic sensor !!
Of course there is the other duo of cameras, an  8MP  telephoto and a simple 2MP sensor  . The main camera (and the 8MP) have OIS .
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Apart from the cameras, something else that steals the show, is the upgraded wireless charging speed  to 50W !!!
Think about it…  Here we have a cell phone that charges wirelessly faster than most others charge wirelessly !
And to think that some time ago OnePlus flagships did not support wireless charging!
According to the company, the mobile phone can reach 100% from 0% in  just 50 minutes while it takes half an hour to reach 70%! Wired charging is also slightly faster.
Sensors and Display:
The screen of the  One Plus 9 Pro has 1440p resolution with a built-in fingerprint sensor, which is slightly smaller than the previous model.
The screen has been upgraded to  LTPO which adapts very easily to different requirements and can drop the rate up to 1Hz! It is also VERY bright, since it reaches  1300nits!

What else is there and we knew it?
The OnePlus 9 comes with the  Snapdragon 888,  8-12GB RAM, 128-256GB ROM,  IP68 rating, 5G  (with mmWave), Android 11 etc.
As for its price? OnePlus went one step closer to the $ 1,000 limit and priced the One Plus 9 at $ 969 and the 12 / 256GB at $ 1069. The colours are green, white and black.
Here we have the “smaller” model, which has some changes compared to its little brother.
The first one you will find is that of the plastic case and not the metal one. Its camera is closer to that of the OnePlus 8 Pro.
It has the same basic sensor, the  IMX689 but the wide angle is the same as the  OnePlus 9 Pro . However, no sensor here has  OIS . There is no telephoto either. Instead we have the monochrome sensor of 2MP.
Of course the simple version  does not have the super wireless charging of the  9 Pro  but at least it has wireless charging that reaches 15W. Wired of course keeps the  65W  which is good news.
It also has a super smooth screen at  120Hz but the resolution is a bit lower, at 1080p as well as the brightness that does not exceed  1100nits. In addition, it does not have an  IP rating .
Otherwise it is the same as its big brother and has a  Snapdragon 888, 8-12GB RAM and 128-256GB ROM  with an optical fingerprint sensor.
Price and availability:
One Plus 9 supports  5G (without mmWave) and its prices start from  $ 729  for the simple version and reach  $ 829 for the top.
Both phones will have  at least three upgrades to Android and at least three years of support for patches etc  from OnePlus.
Their market debut will take place on April 2, while PreOrders will open this Friday.
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One Plus 9 and One Plus 9 Pro finally launched: Check Specs here

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