Oneodio Monitor 60 Best DJ Headphones for Audio Pros

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Oneodio Monitor 60 Best DJ Headphones for Audio Pros

Oneodio Monitor 60 studio headphones with 50mm drivers and Hi-Res audio are what DJs and audiophiles want. For reference, audio and industry benchmarks, proper sound listening/testing, or recordings, these foldable professional headphones offer both 3.5mm and 6.35mm connectors. Also, there are all three connection cables with a storing bad included in the package. Adjustable metal band, breathable earpads, and a unique metal design add more to comfy use. These expert and audiophile headphones can manage a max input of up to 1600mW with 38-ohm impedance and 110dB sensitivity.

Ideal for Studio Headphones
The large-size 50mm Dual Dynamic Drivers and Hi-Res audio verified certification ensure the most demanding uses for professionals, studios, audiophiles, recordings, post-production, and broadcasting. The Oneodio Monitor 60 with 3.5mm and 6.35mm audio jack cables offers a wide range of connectivity with various devices. Only hi-res headphones with expensive FiiO M11 Plus DAC, LDAC, and MQA or M17 Portable Desktop-Class Portable DAC music player can satisfy audiophiles. Hence, these studio headphones are highly recommended and come at a budget price.

Oneodio Monitor 60 Review for Professional Headphones
So, how do these perform in a DJ studio? An Oneodio Monitor 60 review can help users decide if these hi-res headphones are worth using for professional and studio. Let us take a quick look at the specs of these wired DJ headphones. There are dual 50mm Dynamic Drivers with 110dB sensitivity, sound-insulating film, 38ohms impedance, and 20Hz-40KHz frequency response. Another advantage is the up to 1600mW max audio power input support. Also, the 3.5mm and 6.35mm audio jack cables come inside the box. You can securely and easily fold these audiophile headphones and carry them inside a portable bag.

Spec Sheet

50mm Dual Dynamic

110dB ± 3dB

38 ohms

Frequency Response:

Sound-insulating Film:

Max Input Power:
1600 mW

50mm Dual Dynamic Driver
Big-size 50mm Dynamic speakers produce a more profound audio experience because of the wider cavity. Also, the brand tunes these to the expert level for music studios and professional headphones. A 1600mW input power and 38ohms impedance mean business. Thus, you can enjoy Bass, treble, mids, and lows like the DJs.

Shareport Technology
When you want to share an audiophile listening experience with your friends or family, you can connect another wired headphone with these. How? Easy. There is a 3.5mm audio jack to connect with LDAC or Hi-Res mp3 music player and at the same time, use another 3.5mm audio input to connect with another headphone. Three cables come inside the package, 3.5mm to 3.5mm, 3.5mm to 6.35mm, and 3.5mm to 3.5mm.

Price and Availability
These hi-res audio studio headphones cost the US $79.99. Surprisingly, the Oneodio Official Store offers a US $20 discount coupon. You have to enter this code:
US $20 Coupon Code: MONITOR20
You can also buy the Oneodio Monitor 60 DJ headphones at other online stores with discount offers available on the page:
US Amazon Store
UK Amazon Store
AliExpress Official Oneodio Store
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Oneodio Monitor 60 Best DJ Headphones for Audio Pros

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