OPPO Air Glass Real Images leaked before the launch

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OPPO Air Glass Real Images leaked before the launch

March 6, 2022, last year, at its press conference in December, OPPO announced its new product (OPPO Air Glass). Today again, after a few months, a tipster releases the real images of the glasses in a post. And they mentioned they would give a review of the product after a few days of use.
The glass will be assisted with the reality smart glass and dedicated imaging MariSilicon X NPU. At first glance, the glasses look like normal eyeglasses when used as normal. But from the side click, the glasses will project the text or image in your field of view.
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Features of OPPO Air Glass:
Features of OPPO Air Glass:
The features of the glasses were revealed by the company in December when they firstly showcased the product. The Air glass will arrive with the features like real-time translation. If you are a frequent traveler and face difficulty interacting with foreigners, then this product will help you translate the languages in yours.

Another feature we will get in the product is navigation; while driving, you don’t need to look at your smartphone to drive the destination; rather than that, you can add the stop, and the OPPO Air glass will guide you to your location.
The name looks like it is Google Glass, but the difference here is that the OPPO Air glass gives you the feature to remove the electric glass when not in use. The glass is held with the use of a magnet. The new Air Glass will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor featuring the resolution 640 X 480 pixels micro-LED projector.

To change the features, we get the touch-sensitive controls on the sides of glasses from where you can control them. Also, the voice commands make it easier for users to control it.

The weight of OPPO Air glass is only an Ounce. The downside here is we get a small battery which will allow you to use it for about 3 hours with a single charge. As per the leaks, we expect the company to launch the glasses soon in the coming days.
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OPPO Air Glass Real Images leaked before the launch

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