Redmi K50 series to launch soon; More warm-ups today

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Redmi K50 series to launch soon; More warm-ups today

March 14, 2022, as we know, we are heading to the launch of the Redmi K50 series for the global market. Early morning, Lu Weibing, the general manager of Xiaomi, says that he will reveal more warm-up content for the smartphone today. Last week, he revealed the parameters about the performance of the smartphone. But we are still to get the details about the camera and the smartphone’s other features. And we expect that we might get these features leaked ahead of the launch today.

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About Redmi K50 Series:
About Redmi K50 Series:
In terms of display, the news is that the smartphone will arrive with the OLED flexible screen with the central hole on the top featuring the front-facing camera. Previous news from tipsters says that the Pro version of the series may arrive with the Samsung E4 AMOLED screen. We also expect the screen to support the 120Hz refresh rate.
If we look at the previous generation (Redmi K40 series), the screen was certified with the DisplayMate A+. The Pro version of the smartphone in this series was launched with the best screen at an affordable price. So, we know that the new Redmi K50 series will also launch with the DisplayMate A+ certification. And the screen will be the best smartphone screen in the market at this price.

We will see the triple camera setup placed in the rectangular frame and 100MP primary sensor on the back. Samsung HM2 will power the main camera in the Pro version of the Redmi K50 series.
According to the reports, the series will launch on March 17, and the reservations are already upon various e-commerce platforms.
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Redmi K50 series to launch soon; More warm-ups today

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