Roborock T7S Robot Vacuum Cleaner will release on March 29

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Roborock T7S Robot Vacuum Cleaner will release on March 29

Roborock is a specialist in Smart robot vacuum cleaners from the Xiaomi family of Brands. Now the sub-brand of Xiaomi has come up with the Roborock T7S model. The robot vacuum cleaner was announced on 23rd March via Weibo. The new sweeping and dragging vacuum cleaner will release on March 29. This is the very first time company have announced the launch time of the product.
The Roborock launches the promotional video. The video demonstrates the new motor and the roaring sound. From the sound, we can detect the power of the T7S vacuum cleaner. Also, we can see the body of the gadget is thicker and able to lift the stuff.
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Let’s have a look at what goodies the new vacuum cleaner have learned?

Features of Roborock T7S:
After the launch of the Roborock T7 series. Last year, now the company is heading to launch its successors. The Roborock T7 is now available to purchase from March 2021. We will provide you with the cheapest link below to get one at the historical lowest price. The vacuum cleaner comes with a constant voltage-controlled water tank. The water tank comes with the peristaltic pump solution and precision umbrella valve.

The new Roborock T7S robot vacuum cleaner can sweep the floor automatically and suck the dust in the dust collector. The new vacuum cleaner pushes the boundaries of what a normal vacuum cleaner can do. In addition to the LIDAR technology, the vacuum cleaner comes with cameras, similar to the Roborock T7.
With the use of artificial intelligence, the Roborock T7S vacuum cleaner can detect obstacles in the area. Also, the vacuum cleaner can adjust the behaviour according to the obstacle.
The Achilles heel of robotic vacuum cleaners has been mopping the floor for a long time. Vacuum cleaners can usually only be wiped by pulling a wet mop across the floor. In this way, the vacuum cleaner cannot remove stains from the floor and is also unusable in flats where carpets and hard floors alternate.

The Roborock T7S has a vibrating motor connected to the mop, so it can remove stains from the floor. If the vacuum cleaner detects a carpet, it can stop the water supply to the mop. At the same time, she can lift it so that it does not touch the carpet. The water tank has a decent volume of 297 ml.
The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a new algorithm that cleans rooms faster and more efficiently. For example, he can orient himself better in rooms where there are a lot of chairs and tables.
The Roborock T7S also has a 25% more powerful engine than the previous generation. Thanks to the 5200-mAh battery, it can clean up to 250 square meters at a time.
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Roborock T7S Robot Vacuum Cleaner will release on March 29

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